• Episode 13: 'Meditations In An Emergency' -- Or, 'There's A Chill In Here'
    And lo onto them, an itinerant husband, and an accidental Madonna, a child was born: and he would be named Matthew and go on to write The Greatest Story Ever Told. Or close enough. The Bible talks about Immaculate Conception, but doesn't say much about one-time-middle-of-the-night-estranged-woman-on-top-of-cheating-man-on-the-floor conception. And this new child of Don the father, who came to rescue mother Betty in the stables, would be born in 1963, close enough to our god and creator, Matthew Weiner's, actual birthdate in 1965.
  • Episode 12: The Mountain King -- Or, Measuring The (Two Mrs.) Drapers
    This episode is about the dark side of partnerships, and the post-marriage or merger need to control. But we have a lot to get to, so let's just throw a chicken off the terrace and be on our way.
  • Episode 11: The Jet Set, Or Bombshells Away
    How perfect that Don arrives in Los Angeles without his luggage -- literally floating without baggage, he's free to reinvent himself (again!) The West is all about the future: Pete mentions that some scientists are trying to engineer a superstrong "Octo-man'' and even artificially build special organs for space travel. (Although all Pete really wants to do is lounge near any kidney-shaped pool.)
  • Episode 10: 'The Inheritance.' Or: The Motherlode
    Talk about a Freudian gift: this episode demands all kinds of psychological analysis of Betty's father/husband/father/husband. (This is where John Huston comes in and slaps me on the cheek.) And Dr. Parker is in de houze!
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