• Freud, Goethe, And The Bookshelf: The Ikea Papers
    Is there anything more analog than a catalogue, thudding its way to your mailbox or doorstep? Indeed, the release last year of Restoration Hardware's astounding 17-pounder seemed counterintuitive, if not downright arrogant. It caused howls of protest among recipients who saw its distribution as a perverse and wasteful move.
  • The Trumpman Show: The Pugnacious Prince Of Bel-Hair
    Donald "Ratings Machine" Trump seems to have found his political groove. He is the Golden Boy, currently owning the airwaves, social media, and the polls, and even performing miracles -- like getting the American electorate interested in politics.
  • Two Weddings And A Meryl (Streep)
    What makes the idea of aging rockers -- with flying hair extensions, tons of smudged eyeliner, and fingers full of gypsy rings -- seem so viscerally unappealing and cringe-inducing? Or is that just my own ageism and prejudice showing? Surely it must have something to do with rock's inevitable suggestion of -- and link to -- sex, drugs, and youth.
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