• The Sniping! The Criticism! Welcome To... The Oscars
    A funny thing happened en route to the Oscars' move toward cultural irrelevance. OK, let's not go crazy. This Sunday evening, we will no doubt still have to endure the stilted banter and embarrassing production numbers that are endemic to the broadcast.
  • Labor, Cabinets, And Pieces Of Meat
    Andy Puzder, we hardly knew ye. That is, before he withdrew his nomination as Secretary of Labor this week, we kinda/sorta knew him as the hard-charging Hardee's and Carl's Jr. guy.
  • The Super Bowl, Re-Politicized And De-Sexed
    If you will indulge me, I'm going to go back to that ridiculous orgy of advertising that accompanied the football game last Sunday. I know many critics found the spots disappointing, lackluster, disconnected from the brand, etc. These are complaints we hear every year. Many of the protests this year said the ads were too political. Still, in all of the hashover, nobody seems to have noticed one breakthrough: No stupid sexist spots! Not a one!
  • The Trump-Free Bowl?
    You'd think the Super Bowl, with its powerfully muscled teams of gargantuas pounding on each other, might provide the perfect diversion from the nonstop provocation of The Trump Show. That both sides would be eager for just such an escape. But if the lead-up to the Big Game this year is any indication, we just can't quit the divide.
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