• 'Mad Men''s Jon Hamm: Privacy And Privates
    Earlier this week, showrunner Matthew Weiner released a "preview video" in which NOT ONE IMAGE WAS NEW! Every cut was from previous seasons. Oh, Weiner, do you think you can so easily toy with your legion of rabid fans?
  • Lena And The Lean-In Lady
    This Sunday, "Lean In," Sheryl Sandberg's just-published and hotly debated career primer for women, will debut at number one on "The New York Times" Best Sellers list. A week ago, "Girls," Lena Dunham's HBO hotly debated series about women of the millennial generation, wrapped its second season. On the surface, Lena vs. "Lean In" would seem to be a study in contrasts. But they actually have a good deal in common.
  • Sandberg, Sexism, And The C-Suite
    Sheryl Sandberg sure has stirred up a shitstorm: Try to say that fast five times. To begin with, the idea that the goodiest of the super hard-working, ladder-climbing, well-heeled, shiny-haired, corporate good girls of the Fortune 500 would become the outspoken Pope of 21st century feminism is something of a head-spinner.
  • Is Martha Stewart Living?
    It's Women's History Month, bitches! I kid -- but so far the first week of March seems to have been less a celebration of female progress and more a free-flowing attack on various 50-foot women.
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