• Christmas Balls, Bells, And Showing Your Joe
    As we wrap up the holiday season (and indulge in bad puns like "wrapping up the holiday season") I must say that in the last three months advertisers have offered up a banner crop of unusually aggressive and annoying ads.
  • Carrie Nation: My Favorite Things To Hate
    Last week, NBC's much-discussed live production of "The Sound of Music" brought in 18.5 million viewers -- the network's highest ratings since the finale of "ER" in 2009. But in tailor-making a series of five spots for sponsor Walmart, NBC went too far, entering into a "when the dog bites, when the bee stings" situation.
  • Bezos' Brain - And Other Anomalies
    Jeff Bezos: "Let me show you something." Charlie Rose: "Oh, man...Oh, my God!" That five-second clip, showing Charlie Rose opening a door, was teased all weekend on CBS, in the walk-up to the greatest 15 minutes of sponsored content ever to appear on "60 Minutes." (Except Amazon got the editorial gratis.)
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