• Clean Diesel, The Pope, And VW's Big Cheat
    Earlier this week, the Environmental Protection Agency broke news about a shocking corporate deception: that Volkswagen, the world's second-largest carmaker, deliberately rigged software for its diesel cars sold in the U.S. so they could pass tough emissions tests -- while, during normal driving conditions, actually emitting up to 40 times more pollution than legally allowed.
  • Battle Of The TV Republican Stars: Cage Match Division
    CNN's "Battle of the Network Star Republicans /Part Deux" turned out to be an unexpectedly long, and strange, political/pop cultural/TV mashup. So many flashes of this "debate" seemed to suggest other TV moments -- from sitcoms to reality programming -- that I'm just going to riff on all that the show suggested.
  • Finding Stephen: The Colbert Nation Sweeps
    It was hardly a perfect 60-something minutes, but I mostly loved Colbert's "Late Show" debut. I know that not everyone did, and some even found it boring and predictable. But I think some of the tension came from the fact that it was a new, post-cable Colbert, on an old, old network, and he and his writers couldn't decide whether to serve or slay (or just lightly satirize) the network beast.
  • On VW's Golden Pond: The Shock Of The Old
    It all started innocently enough: A friend posted an article on my Facebook page about the latest VW ads starring the Golden Sisters. She wrote, "I love these! Have you seen them?"
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