• Breaking Bad Vs. Breaking Down - Miley And Her Achy-Breaky Performance
    We're on pins and needles here at the home office, sweating and jumping around, because this Sunday marks the end of "Breaking Bad." Yup -- a glorious example of the golden age of non-network TV, the violent, sprawling, hyper-brilliant Vince Gilligan production is the absolute video storytelling equivalent of the Great American Novel.
  • Role Modeling The Way To 'Lean In'
    "The issue is role models. You can't be what you can't see." That's a quotation from Cindy Gallop, an advertising entrepreneur who has lately made the issue of the ever-widening, or at least really-slow-to-close gender gap in the ad business her business.
  • Dante's Afro: The Hair Apparent
    "Go with the 'Fro!" screams the front-page headline of today's Daily News, announcing the winner of the New York City mayoral Democratic primary. It's Bill de Blasio, with 40% or so of the vote. It might seem insane to say that a head of hair, no matter how eye-catching or excellent, could win the mayoralty. But in this case, it's true. The 'fro knows.
  • Zen & The Art Of Apple Maintenance
    Last December, I wrote a column about Samsung's surprisingly deft advertising swat against Apple's swaggeringly superior branding operation. The surprise to me was how vulnerable Apple had become, image-wise, in the relatively short time since Steve Jobs' death. Still, I'm sorry to report that, almost one year later, in a very crowded market, the Apple ads have gotten worse.
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