• Episode 609: The Better Half -- Or, He Climbed Her Because She Was There?
    A killer episode that takes a stab at some of Mad Men's major themes, "The Better Half" answers one of the leading existential questions of our time: "Who wears short shorts?"
  • How Do You Solve A Problem Like A. Weiner?
    "I'm Anthony Weiner and I'll always be frank with you." One of the few printable responses I received after asking my Facebook friends to come up with appropriate taglines for the disgraced former congressman who has announced his run for mayor of New York City.
  • Episode 608: "The Crash: She's My Mother/ She's My Sister/ Don Gets His Heart Examined."
    Called "The Crash," this week's episode reflected a fresh focus for Mad Men: Whores and death and death and whores.
  • Abercrombie & Fitch CEO Comes Out Ahead
    Have you noticed that things tend to get more interesting when Kirstie Alley weighs in on a subject and gets bleeped out? "Dude, you're a #(#*#! @@!!!$!," the self-proclaimed "Fat Actress" told "Entertainment Tonight," referring to Michael Jeffries, the CEO of Motherfucker Industries, I mean, Abercrombie & Fitch.
  • Ep. 607 "The Best Laid Plans," Or Little Headaches And 50 Shades Of Earl Gray Or Major Gray."
    Beware the Weiner doctrine: It seems that any unexpected bit of sunshine, energy or pleasure offered one week inevitably brings a downpour of existential gloom and disorientation the next.
  • Mountain Dew, Part Deux
    Last week, I wrote about a series of gag-inducing videos for Mountain Dew. Created by 22-year-old rapper Tyler the Entertainer, the spots were equal parts racism, misogyny, and WTF?
  • Episode 606: For Immediate Release -- Heart Transplants & The Mother Of All Mergers
    "For Immediate Release" refers to the press release that Peggy bangs out on her IBM Selectric in the final electric seconds of the show. After many weeks of existential numbness, this taut and even thrilling episode exploded with the surprise merger of SCDP and CGC and its new, mutually assured plotlines.
  • Pepsi Fail: When CMOs Go Gangsta
    This week, the third in a series of online videos for Mountain Dew created by a rapper/producer known as Tyler the Creator (see what Cedric started?) was released.
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