• Season 4, Episode 1: 'Public Relations' -- The Floors, The Whores And The Ham(m)
    To be honest, I found the opening painful and slow, and some of the dialogue seemed way too transparent as exposition. For example, Don yells at the newly steady Pete, "Y&R has the fire power to throw six floors worth of talent on it!" This seemed unworthy of "Mad Men" banter. But maybe that was Weiner's intent: to make the opening verbally awkward and visually claustrophobic, so that we could sense the tension in the new, too -small office, and see just how out-of-sorts Don is, now that he's achieved a professional dream.
  • 'Mad Men' Resumes: Ain't That A Kick In The Head!
    Hell's bells, Mad peeps! We're back! I know we're all madly anticipating Sunday night's season 4 premiere. But try to relax. Have your kid pour you a drink. Dab some tuna on your saltines. Then take your shoes off and pull up an ottoman: we have a lot of deliciousness to discuss!
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