• Once More Into The Brief, Don Draper
    At the risk of beating a dead finale, I do have a few recent revelations about "Mad Men" to chew over -- straight from the horse's mouth, so to speak.
  • Episode 714: East Of Esalen: From Ka-Ching To The I-Ching, And Back
    Just when you thought the show was not about advertising, they drag you back in. Well, at least Don didn't wake up with Bob Newhart. Or sleep with da fishes.
  • Episode 713: 'You Knew We'd Catch Up With You Eventually'
    Could Matthew Weiner have actually planned that "The Milk & Honey Route" -- the second-to-last "Mad Men" episode of this final half-season, with its shockeroo death sentence for Betty -- would appear on Mother's Day?
  • Episode 712 -- Ground Control To Major Don: Once More Into The Abyss
    "Lost Horizons" is the first killer ep in this last half season. Written by Matt Weiner and Semi Chellas, and directed by Phil Abraham (my favorite), it offers perhaps the best MM visual meme ever, of a newly badass Peggy.