• Tearing Down The Candy Walls: Inside The Modern Start-up/ Sweatshop
    Every industry has its absurdities, and also its cynical insiders who go on to reveal its secrets. In his memoir "Adventures in the Screen Trade," William Goldman famously summed up Hollywood -- and also pretty much every other business entity around -- by saying "Nobody knows anything." Nowhere is that case made more transparent (to use another meaningless buzzword) than in "Disrupted: My Misadventure in the Start-Up Bubble," by Dan Lyons, which was released last month and is already a bestseller.
  • Blocking, Churning, Baiting, & Wrestling: Can We Make It Until November?
    A guy I know joked that the political climate on Facebook has become so cruel and polarizing lately that he almost defriended himself. Ba da bum.
  • Is America The Weiser Or The Loser? My Continent For A Beer!
    Somewhere, the Clydesdales are sobbing.
  • The Black Knight, The Black Swan & Trump Soul
    Once Donald J. Trump swept Indiana, and then each of his remaining competitors tumbled off the stage, (metaphorically, of course, except for Carly Fiorina) he became the Republican presidential nominee, no presumptive-ness needed.
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