• Alec Baldwin Explodes -- Or, The Puff Went Poof
    If you still think Alec Baldwin is a talented actor, and lest you retain some of the glow from the memory of his enjoyable role as Jack Donaghy on "30 Rock," let him disabuse you of that feeling. Yup, in this week's "as told to" cover story in the new biweekly New York magazine, the Angry One feels compelled to offer 5,000 words of sadly delusional self 'splainin.
  • The Golden Age Of Binging
    Appointment binge-watching? That would seem to be a contradiction in terms, but it absolutely describes what happened last weekend, when Netflix unleashed all 13 episodes of Season Two of "House of Cards." The scheduling of the Valentine's release, on the Friday evening leading into President's Weekend, was diabolically clever, almost like something from the fevered brain of Frank Underwood himself.
  • Bear With Me: The Sound And The Furry
    For Valentine's Day, I'm fantasizing about receiving a huge, closet-sized, stuffed bear getting dragged into my apartment by my love interest as he makes lewd jokes about his penis size and winks to an unseen bro about "getting lucky." Boy, will my friends be jealous!
  • Super Bowl High-Pressure Zones
    The Super Bowl opened with a lavishly fur-coated Joe Namath (in a world full of PETA) screwing up the coin toss. That act proved strangely prophetic.
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