• Fight For Your Rights -- To Be Wrong?
    Sometimes it's hard to pick your battles of the sexes; this particular little dust-up has my head spinning. It's devolved into a fight between Beastie Boys and Mean Valley Girls. (That's Silicon Valley.) And so far, I'm siding with the Beasties.
  • Rob Delaney: Human. Warrior. Falcon.
    Rob Delaney is one of the luckiest people in the Twitterverse. Well, aside from all the insiders who made billions of dollars via the company's recent IPO, of course. Never mind. We're talking profiting the old-fashioned way, by slaving for almost three years to produce that thing that is printed on paper and bound between two hard covers -- you know, a book.
  • Obama's Last Keg-Stand: Thank You, Colorado
    These "Bro-surance" ads first surfaced three weeks ago, under the auspices of The Colorado Consumer Health Inititative and ProgressNow Colorado to bring attention to their website. Please excuse me -- I'm going to bro-mit.
  • Born Free: The Jeep Cherokee Edition
    This new 60-second commercial reintroduces the born-again Jeep Cherokee with the tagline "Built free." And just as in the movie "Born Free" with Elsa and her cubs, the spot, called "Manifesto," is filled with images of birth, newness, and freedom in nature: muddy trails, open skies, little boys swimming, jumping and showing their muscles.
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