• Entrepreneur Barbie Busts Through The Plastic Ceiling
    This week, Mattel, Inc. introduced "Entrepreneur Barbie." And as I gazed at the branded blonde one in her box, arrayed in her tight, happening hot-pink dress, miniature statement necklace, and carrying a tiny plastic pink cell phone and tablet, I decided that she pretty much embodies the built-in contradictions in our culture that women continue to have to navigate.
  • Future Bumper Sticker: My Kid Is On The Honor Roll At Starbucks
    I'm so proud. The kid not only got into Starbucks, in the most competitive college market ever, but he's a tall blond who recently graduated summa cum latte. And he got his B.A. with one pump and extra foam. Okay, enough with the bad puns from the Parent Brag Book of 2020.
  • Beats: The Soul Of The World Cup
    Are you ready for some futbol? (Or, as they say in Brazil, futebol?) Or, mere minutes ahead of the 2014 World Cup kickoff, are you already kind of soccered-out? It's not like the run-up has been without controversy.
  • Extra: Headless Statue Found In Golden Toilet
    I swore that I would not read one word about the wedding, nor look at any of the pictures. I was sick of the whole fawning cycle of press coverage for their ginned-up events sold to the highest bidder, sick of the fact that "stars" who are famous for being jackasses, or merely for having sizable asses, could lead the news again.
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