• Episode 605: The Flood -- Or, Family Guy Meets Planet Of The Apes
    For all the complaints of the (eroding?) viewership of "Mad Men" this season, "The Flood" was a rock-solid, satisfying episode. It seems the series has found its footing again, as a national tragedy spurs a flood of emotions, epiphanies, and even a few acid jokes.
  • Better Than Death: Jaguar Gets Its Due
    Call it "anti-branded content." Because for no known reason, the British automotive brand Jaguar has come in for some really brutish jabs on "Mad Men," the hot AMC series dedicated to the fictional world of advertising in the 1960s.
  • Episode 604: Mary Kay, Mary Jane, And The Electric Circus
    You say tomahto, I say tomato. You say catsup, I say ketchup. Within the out-fo-blood prism of "Mad Men," it all comes down to more whoredom, anyway, and then you die!
  • Ship And Bones: Where's The Beef?
    The scarily witless and embarrassing tagline for the new KFC boneless chicken product is boneheaded. What a strange way to go about announcing the menu change. It's all about promoting what you didn't eat, rather than praising what you did.
  • Episode 603: The Trudy Pact -- Or, He'll Have The Steak Diablo
    Called "The Collaborators," the third episode of "Mad Men"'s sixth season illustrated the politics of appeasement and double dealings, as seen in love, war, and the corporate sale of beans.
  • Pestilence, Death, Sloth -- And Other Bewildering Moments In The Latest Facebook Ad
    Facebook recently launched "Airplane," its second-ever TV spot, via Best Agency in the World (and that's a fact, son!), from Wieden+Kennedy/Portland -- and it's worse than the first ad. Really.
  • Episode 601-602: The Doorway -- Or, Death Con 5, As You Leica!
    In this season's opener, we quickly learn that not much has changed, insofar as our antihero, Don Draper, is the type of guy who goes to heaven (Honolulu, with his bikinied TV star wife) but drags his own hell with him ("Dante's Inferno," a tome which we later learn is a gift from his mistress.)
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