• Viagra In An Age Of Sarcasm
    "This is the age of taking action," says the announcer in the Viagra commercial I caught on TV this week. And really, is there anything more awkward and poignant, more can't-win-for-losing, than showing these winky male actor-types preparing for a little "action" in a Viagra ad?
  • Iron Ladies -- And Women In A Bind
    Ever since the presidential election of 2012, when female voters brought the win home for Barack Obama, Republicans have acknowledged that they might need help on the female sensitivity/language front. (Binders full of women joke goes here.) This week, in preparation for the 2016 election, there was another series of unfortunate incidents concerning language and women.
  • Smut, Drugs, Yachts, And The Death Of The Middle Class: A Light Opera
    A film noir for the digital age: a prostitute (a.k.a. "sex worker") was arrested in connection with the death of a Google executive from a heroin overdose after a late-night assignation on his yacht.
  • The Ephemeral Joy Of Fem-ertainment
    While the oldish gray men of the Supreme Court delivered a decision in favor of Hobby Lobby this week that rattled, enraged and felt stifling to millions of independent grown-up women, by contrast, the current marketing zeitgeist for tween and teen girls is full of you-go-girl messages about building confidence and power.
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