• Weiner's Formspring
    With all the salacious puns and unsavory visuals floating around the Internet this week, I realize that we all need a Weinervention - me most of all. Therefore, I promise that this is my last posting about Weiner - at least until he pulls out of the New York mayoral race. That last line is just the kind of infuriating, self-justifying, doublecross-filled (and double entendre-laced) announcement the man himself has been relying on since this latest sexting/ phone sex scandal has materialized.
  • Secrets Of A Really Raunchy Madison Avenue Party
    Two Sundays ago, WNET, the local PBS outlet in New York, aired the documentary "The Real Men and Women of Madison Avenue." Featuring interviews with George Lois, Mary Wells, and Jane Maas, among other stalwarts of the creative revolution, the show provided a bit of relief for our "Mad Men" cravings. But let's face it: the question most viewers want to ask of the real Mads is: "Was there really that much drinking, sex, and cheating going on?" The answer seems to be a definitive "yes."
  • The Final, Final Cannes Round-Up
    Let's start by asking the Passover question: What made Cannes different this year from all other years?
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