• Dealing With All The isms: Can Advertising Lead The Way?
    "Bias is in the air you breathe," according to a new book. So how can the ad biz fight against it?
  • The Catastrophe Of Divorce -- And Other Post-Election Fixations
    I'm in search of my new content happy place, where I can stream and binge in a gentler, kinder, more carefree fictional universe. So why not start with "Divorce"?
  • President. Elect. Trump.
    He loved the chase. He loved the adulation of the crowds. He did it on a fluke. He never thought he'd win.
  • Lifting The Lid On Old Bro-Dom: Tales Of The 3% Conference
    Let's face it: The year hasn't been great for men or women, in politics or advertising. Throughout this election period, we've seen the return of time-worn gender stereotypes and divides as we attempt to lift the lid on old bro-dom, which is a stubborn institution. It awakens fury on both sides.
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