• Ad Turkey: 2012's Most WTF Spot
    There's a stilted, "Twilight Zone"-ish vibe to the opening of this commercial, as if the viewer somehow broke through the time/space continuum to find herself watching TV in Poland.
  • Facebook: The Sorrow And The Seating
    Last week at MadBlog, my "Best Spots of the Year" column ended with a mention of empty chairs. Yup -- I suggested that the year's winningest commercial, Chrysler's "Half-Time in America," inadvertently led Clint Eastwood to commit his unhinged monologue involving an innocent seating unit at the 2012 Republican National Convention. Here in part deux, my nominee for worst spot of the year also comes from powerhouse agency Wieden & Kennedy, and also involves -- wait for it -- empty chairs!
  • Year's Best Spot Truly A Spaghetti Western
    Recently, my funny, prolific, and prescient MediaPost colleague Bob Garfield, the author of the award-winning book "The Chaos Scenario," publicly declined to do a column listing the best-and-worst commercials of the year. He could not do it, he semi-joked, because he hadn't seen any ads. Rim shot.
  • Samsung Vs. Apple: Losing My Religion
    I'll admit to feeling a bit sacrilegious as I write this, given that I am still a devoted member of the cult of Cupertino. But fair is fair: I nominate Samsung to be Best Tech Advertiser of 2012 (image division) for "The next best thing is already here," its Galaxy S III campaign.
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