• Morning Again And Again In America
    After his unfortunate robo-appearance at the last Republican debate, candidate Marco Rubio owned up to a poor showing and pledged to his supporters that such mistakes would never happen again. While it was certainly refreshing to hear a politician admit to his shortcomings, his statement also served as a lesson in what a candidate should never promise.
  • Anger, Bitterness, And The Beyonce Bump
    Hate, anger, division, bitterness -- leather? Just a few of the emotions and questions stirred up in the wake of the Super Bowl 50 halftime show.
  • Super Bowl Ads: The Glory, The Greatness, The Marilyns
    Back in 2010, BBDO, one of the foremost agency makers of Super Bowl spots, rejiggered the use of celebrity in a way that won the game for Snickers. So I was primed for more Snicker's "Hungry" greatness in this year's iteration.
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