• Pulling the Plug On Grampa -- Or, Rome Wasn't Razed In A Day
    Things fall apart -- Penn Station, the Coliseum, Grandpa's brain. Indeed, by the end of the tumultuous 1960s, even Miss Light-Up-The-Screen (and heart-hurter) Ann Margret would go from sex kitten to drugged-out wreck in "Carnal Knowledge." But we get ahead of ourselves.
  • 'Mad Men''s Premiere: The Fog Comes In On Little Cat's Feet...
    Out of Town" is all about managing exposure -- from (condomless) tip to wayward toes. You've got your not-quite-Jesus-like birth story of "cut-off-his" Dick and boil it (poor guy) to the more Moses-like stripping of the foreskin off the top of the boiled milk, and this all in the first three minutes! And the layered analogies between "sheaths" and London Fog raincoats was especially clever. Meanwhile, on the blue side, there was the exploding pocket pen, hand job interruptus, and octo-lingus jokes, which we'll get to.
  • Don And The Gang Return! But First: The Story So Far
    Welcome back, my Mad Blog peeps! Let's just catch up on a few points before the debut on Sunday, Aug. 16th. (Really, how did we survive until now?)
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