• Don, Updated
    Look! Up in the balcony! Wearing a deep tan, Cuban shirt, linen pants, and Florsheim shoes! It's Don Draper! Well, kinda, sorta, maybe. The actor Jon Hamm did appear at the Cannes Lions "Festival of Creativity" last week, and in his own modern man-wear, and loose, non-shellacked hair, looked much younger than Don ever has.
  • Episode 513: Three Hotel Rooms, Two Bloody Mouths, One Stiff Upper Lip
    Capping a season with story lines that recently featured prostitution and suicide (and Peggy leaving!) all within the Sterling Cooper Draper nuclear family, "The Phantom," the season 5 finale, had much in the way of mushrooms and clouds to live up to. For the first 50 minutes, however, it felt repetitive and desultory, like "Groundhog Day" with a touch of "Marathon Man" (OK, Don, find a dentist already!). But the last six minutes were colossally great, even awe-inspiring. There were no huge surprises, but it built up the kind of masterly payoff that comes only from the expert synthesis of …
  • Episode 512 -- Death and Taxes: Paying The Pryce, Plus The Sally In The Rye!
    "Commissions and Fees," the aptly titled next-to-last episode of the season (gulp!), focuses on the fallout from acting on impulse. Shit sure happens when the bill comes due.
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