• The Bug & I
    "Barbara Lippert owes an apology to every single non-black Jamaican for implying that they do not exist!" That's a snippet of one of the more polite notes of the hundreds I've received since Monday morning, when I appeared on the "Today Show" to discuss the early release of VW's "Get Happy" Super Bowl commercial.
  • Citizen Coke And The Sugar Cane
    I was watching Rachel Maddow last night when the new-ish corporate commercial for Coke, called "Coming Together," came on the screen.
  • Lance Armstrong And His Tour De Rants
    What a week for semi-confessionals, bizarre attempts at damage control, and angry stabs at absolution. Actually, I'm not referring to Coca-Cola's decision to address the problem of obesity in these here United States in a new ad campaign that asks us to "come together." In an age requiring authenticity, there are some things mega-global corporations selling sugar water just can't be transparent about.
  • The Seinfeld Chronicles
    This week, Sony Pictures Television announced that Jerry Seinfeld's "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee" was renewed for a second season. Wait -- "season" and "renewed?" Them's TV words, alright, although the series -- 10 episodes in the first year, 24 on order for the second -- is strictly an online affair.
  • Blaxsploitgettiwestern, Anyone?
    "Django" can be a hard pill to swallow. Of course it's offensive to think of slavery as the subject of an exciting new action-entertainment genre for Tarantino to use for fun and profit. But the ironic thing is that, unlike the very respectful and respectable "Lincoln," "Django" has really gotten audiences talking about the onerous subject of slavery.
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