MediaDailyNews Editions for August 2003
MediaDailyNews - Friday, Aug. 29, 2003
New York Stops The Meter On Taxi Ad Trial, Is Chicago The Next Stop?
P&G Taps Worldwide Media Chief
truth Unveils "Crazy" New Ad During VMAs
Tech Ad Erosion Resumes, May Never Stop
In the MBA World, Its a Jungle Out There
Three Magazines Go International
Ford Keeps On Trucking, F-150 Effort Breaks Friday
MediaDailyNews - Thursday, Aug. 28, 2003
Grading The Ds: DVDs, Not DVRs Emerge As Surprise New Ad Factor
Comcast Launches High-Def TV in Connecticut
Crain Sells Radio Stations to Cooke Broadcasting
Suit: Retailers Hoodwinked Entertainment Weekly Subs
A Mag Grows In Brooklyn
Six Flags Picks Doner
Nielsen Set To Expand TV Universe
MediaDailyNews - Wednesday, Aug. 27, 2003
The Taxman Cometh, H&R Block Taps Marketing Honcho
CFOs: Economic Indicators Improve, Impact On Ad Outlays Remains Unclear
As Vivendi Comes Down To Wire, Madison Avenue Yawns
Timex Kills Licking, But Keeps On Ticking With Print, Online Schedules
Need To Reach "Metrosexuals," Read Here For Details
Ratings Resume Normal Pattern When Lights Came Back On: Downward
Right Guard Smells Good In Ad Ratings
MediaDailyNews - Tuesday, Aug. 26, 2003
Disney Dominates "Free" Media, Consumer Marketers Rise Amid Declining Impresions
Adam West Pilot Added to Trio
Weather Channel Hits The Road
Hill Holiday Wins 24 Hour Fitness Account
Interactive TV, Including Much-Feared TiVo, Is Still Barely A Blip
For Street "Cred" and Ethnically Diverse Audiences, Check Out This Source
MPA Redesigns Website
Wide Angle Reps Destino X
MediaDailyNews - Monday, Aug. 25, 2003
Winning Hearts and Minds
CBS Snags Rights To TV Movie on Elizabeth Smart Case
Sorrell: MindShare, Mediaedge:cia Lead A WPP Recovery
McCann-Erickson Wins $60 Million Cadbury Schweppes Account
DMA Confirms Operation Slam Spam
Pulitzer Buys Western World Weekly Newspaper
Holding Companies: A Mixed Bag in First Half
Worm Proves To Be Not-So-Big Deal At Media Shops
Go Figure: New Title Seeks To Widen Women's Market
MediaDailyNews - Friday, Aug. 22, 2003
TiVo Expects to Reach a Million Subs by End of Year
Kids: TV Still Rules, Web's Coming Up Fast
Monitor-Plus Quickens Data Access
Economic Indicators Continue To Rise
Doug Greenlaw Disconnects From Switchboard
The WB Brings Summerland to Network Next Summer
Back to School: A Lesson In Multicultural Marketing
July Newspaper Ad Results: Help Still Wanted
Papers Vie For Ethnic Readers, Weigh Impact On General Population
Budget Living Begins Cracking Print Ad Budgets
MediaDailyNews - Thursday, Aug. 21, 2003
Zenith Offers Glimpse Into Market Value Of Media Shops
ABC Extends "8 Simple Rules" to Hour for Premiere
NBC To Kick Off Fall Schedule on Sept. 22
Bull Run Sells Shares of Gray Television
Wall $treet Week Gets Two Financial Underwriters
Koones Named EVP of Variety
Sagansky Resigns Position at Paxson
Nielsen Blacks Out Part Of Primetime Ratings Week
Local Broadcast Ad Revenues Flat in Quarter, First Half
FamilyFun Expands Amid Industry Downturns
MediaDailyNews - Wednesday, Aug. 20, 2003
Comcast Ad Sales Announces New Interconnects
Horizon Wins Sonic Automotive Account
Donna Summer's Daughter on "My Wife and Kids"
Reality Show Participant Joins Cast of Soap
Jewel Makes Television Debut
Cable Ops Fast-Forward DVR Roll-Out, Have No Plans For Special Ads
Newspaper Ad Market Softens In July
Spin, Has None Where Its Ad Results Are Concerned
MediaDailyNews - Tuesday, Aug. 19, 2003
Cable Financials Reveal Second Quarter Ad Surge
Thompson to Appear in Recurring Role on '24'
Former St. Elsewhere Star Joins Kingdom Hospital Cast
Game Show Network Unveils Platform For Candidate Show
Comedian to Appear in Mid-Season Sitcom on NBC
Applegate to Appear in November Episode of 'Friends'
Big 5 Association Pubs Take On Top Business Titles
Amid Consolidation, Media Boutiques Begin To Blossom
MediaDailyNews - Monday, Aug. 18, 2003
Power Failures
Comcast, Vivendi Universal Explore Partnership
ABC Fall Preview DVDs Given Away
Nielsen Reveals Ratings Blackout Plans, National And Local Markets "Significantly" Impacted
Comcast Opts Out of Vivendi Bid
Torkells Named Editor of Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel
Future Network to Launch US Mag
After Blackout, Agencies Scramble
One Out of Four Media Markets Left in the Dark, Impact on Media Commerce Expected to be Small
Country Home Gets Remodeled, Not Re-Built
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