• Coca-Cola Buys CCE North American Bottling Business
  • Toyoda's Long Apology On Recalls Does Not Mollify Congress
  • You Say Toyota, He Says Toyoda
    Akio Toyoda tells Congress that his name is on every car. But any Congressperson who can spell can clearly see that it's not. As I've been re-reporting the automakers woes of late, I've been wondering myself why Grandpa Toyoda named his vehicle Toyota. Praise Francis de Sales, the patron saint of news reporters, that Mike Musgrove has uncovered the answer. Writing Toyoda in Japanese requires 10 brush strokes, John R. Malott, president of the Japan-America Society of Washington D.C., tells him, but writing Toyota requires eight, which is an auspicious number. Ten, on the other hand, consists of …
  • Nintendo DSi XL, Slated For March Release, Will Double As Reader
    Nintendo's long-anticipated DSi XL handheld gaming consoles hit the U.S. market on March 28, Daniel S. Evans reports, featuring two 4.2-inch screens with much better viewing angles from the sides than the original DSi's two 3.25-inch screens. It will retail for $189.99. In addition to the familiar small stylus that can be stored within the device, the new device includes a longer, pen-like stylus, Evans says, "which is definitely more comfortable if you are going to be playing for a long time." Several games are preloaded. Bloomberg's Adam Satariano reports …
  • Saks Increasing Number Of Exclusive Lines
    Rachel Dodes reports that, in an attempt to differentiate itself from other luxury-goods retailers, Saks will announce several new product lines in 2010. Exclusive brands eventually will constitute about 20% of its merchandise, up from 10% today. "It's incumbent on us not to be just a place where you can buy the big brands," says Saks CEO Stephen Sadove. "Those brands are still critical -- the Chanels, the Pradas the Guccis -- but even within those brands, we need to find things that are unique to us." Deals for exclusive lines often require retailers to bear …
  • Nokia CEO Puts Emphasis On The User Experience
    Nokia, which first put a Web browser on a phone in 1996 and emerged as the must-have brand after its 8110 model appeared in 1999's "The Matrix," has been battered by competitors of late -- particularly Apple's iPhone and its army of apps. But CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo tells Diana ben-Aaron that he has a plan to put the Finnish-based company back in the game. Touch-screen smartphones are just the first step in changing from a device manufacturer to an Internet leader that connects people through social networking and services tied to a user's location, he says. "We're now …
  • Sears Rebranding Kenmore; Bringing Out 450 New Models Overall
    Back in the day, Sears' Kenmore brand was well known as an innovator -- it was first to bring front-loading washing machines to the U.S., for example; it also introduced color on washers and induction on freestanding ranges. But consumers now see the 83-year-old brand as one that their grandmothers and mothers bought, admits Kenmore vp and general manager Betsy Owens, so it's time to reinvent its image with a new TV, in-store, social media campaign and Web site. Owens says that Kenmore is targeting "attitudinal segments." When Emily Wong presses her to define the …
  • Cat-and-Mouse For A Trashy Trailer
  • Whole Foods Market Launches Online Store In UK
  • Toyota Does Little To Dispel Doubts, Some Experts Say
    Today, Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda, grandson of Toyota's founder, faces the often more vocal House Oversight and Government Reform at 11 a.m. EST, Reuters reports.
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