• Sardar Bilgari Builds Steak 'n Shake
    When Sardar Biglari moved with his family to the U.S. from Iran in 1984, Steak 'n Shake was in its 50th year.
  • Food Lion To Reduce Southeast Presence
    Food Lion will close 113 stores in several markets throughout the Southeast, and convert 64 Bloom and Bottom Dollar stores to Food Lion. That shifts the retailer's geographic concentration to skew more heavily to its northernmost markets and opens up market-share opportunities for rivals in the South.
  • Wal-Mart U.S. Marketing Now Under Merchandising
    Wal-Mart Stores Inc said on Friday that its U.S. marketing team would now work under the leadership of its chief merchandising officer rather than as a separate group as the world's largest retailer works on improving its communication with shoppers.
  • Why Edward Cullen Drives A Volvo
    Here's Audi's spot for the Super Bowl, which is actually very funny, touting Audi's herpetomorphic headlights as vampire slayers. But the comments are even better! "Looks like somebody finally found that brief they wrote when True Blood was still cool," writes DDB account manager Tom Hord.
  • QSR's Cater To Night Owls
    Quick serve restaurants are staying up for the Edward Hopper set. According to Harriet Presser, author of the book The Economy Never Sleeps, one-fifth of all employed Americans work mostly in the evening, at night or on a regularly rotating schedule. So more and more, QSRs are staying open later or for 24 hours to meet these consumers' dining needs. The hours of midnight to 5 a.m. are the fastest-growing segment in McDonald's Corp.'s business. Nearly 40% of McDonald's U.S. locations are open 24 hours a day, up from 30% seven years ago.
  • Netflix On Amazon
    Netflix said it expects Amazon.com Inc. to brand Amazon's video streaming offering as a standalone service. Netflix also said it expects Amazon's standalone service to be priced below its own service.
  • But We Can Put This To Bed
    In his column, Bryan Laviolette reviews the whole Chevy Volt faux problem, and what GM has done about it, including CEO Dan Akerson's statement before a U.S. House panel that the company didn't design the Volt to be a "political punching bag."
  • Ford, No Naps At The Wheel
    Forbes columnist Joann Muller offers a tonic for somnolence in this piece on why Ford had better stay awake at the wheel. She says that while on the surface Ford is going strong, there are potential problems. The Fiesta, Ford's smallest car, "had a decent first year, but it's already fading," she writes. "In the last two months of 2011, Chevrolet's new Sonic handily outsold the Fiesta, which is among the highest priced in the segment. Ford ended the year with 126 days of supply but she says that's typical for December. Dealers generally like to have 60 days' supply …
  • Innocent Drinks Gets New Marketing Chief
    Innocent Drinks has promoted innovation leader Douglas Lamont to marketing director after announcing Thomas Delabriere is to leave after three years. Lamont has been with Innocent Drinks since 2006, first as head of new opportunities before becoming managing director of its This Water brand. He has been in his current role since May 2010.
  • Jones Soda Goes Sporting
    Jones Soda is to sponsor 365 Sports' Winter Sports Series in Canada. As part of the one-year deal, announced Jan. 24, Jones will supply soft drinks at all four snowboarding events in the series, which begins Friday in Ontario. Canadian sports events group 365 Sports will use the Jones Soda brand for marketing initiatives surrounding the events, including a Jones Soda 'most stylish' award, in addition to placing product in the demo villages, athletes tent, and within the athletes web, print and video materials.
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