• 10 Sassy Brands On Social Media
    Want to stand out? You have to create social media buzz. Here are 10 brands that have done "Wassup!"-type ads that have garnered lots of attention and pass-around. View them and remember: if you pass them to at least 10 people you'll find $10,000 under your shoehorn. If you don't, woe unto you.
  • A-B InBev Global CMO Steps Down
    Anheuser-Busch InBev Global Chief Marketing Officer Chris Burggraeve has stepped down and will be replaced by Miguel Patricio, zone president for Asia Pacific. Said a company spokesperson, "After 23 years of working for some of the best global brand companies, Chris has decided to explore his own entrepreneurial potential."
  • Mission Athletecare's New Sports Product Tackles Overheating
    The EnduraCool Instant Cooling Towel is being described as a towel made from a proprietary fabric that "delivers fast, long-lasting cooling effects to enhance performance and combat overheating for all athletes at all levels of play." The EnduraCool towel absorbs water and, when activated by snapping or stretching it, cools the towel down to 59 degrees. The product made it from R&D to market via the combined efforts of Dwight Howard, Sergio Garcia, Georges St-Pierre and Williams, who all will be involved in marketing efforts.
  • Dan Marino Becomes AARP Spokesman
    Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino, who passed for 420 touchdowns during his career, recently passed 50 and now is the "men's life ambassador" marketing spokesman for AARP, the non-profit group that works on behalf of 37 million people who have passed the half-century mark.
  • ...And Just North Dakota
    North Dakota's tourism industry grew by $927 million after the launch of an advertising campaign, "North Dakota Legendary," highlighting the state's legendary figures and potential for adventure, according to the state's tourism director, Sara Otte Coleman.
  • Brand USA, By Roseanne Cash, JWT
    Check out this new TV spot for the United States of America. By JWT, it is the first comprehensive tourism marketing campaign for the U.S. aimed at overseas visitors. The 60-second ad attempts to capture the size, complexity and diversity of the U.S. set to original music by Roseanne Cash, who plays under the Brooklyn Bridge with an international backup group playing instruments from all over the world.
  • Mirror Neurons And Marketing
    This fascinating blog post by Jacob Braude explains how a certain neural pathway comprising "mirror neurons" has big implications for marketing. He writes that researchers discovered that active networks of neurons that fire when you kick your foot will do precisely the same thing when you just hear the word "kick." In a separate study, researchers revealed that the word "cinnamon" activates the same part of your brain that turns on when you actually smell cinnamon. "You understand the word by simulating the actual experience in your unconscious--just like you are doing right now. Can you almost smell the cinnamon? ...
  • Burger King To Go Cage-Free
    Burger King will stop using suppliers who put chickens and pigs in cages, by 2017. According to a report this week from the Humane Society of the United States, "Crammed Into Cages," other leading food companies, including Subway, Wolfgang Puck, and Unilever (Hellmann's mayonnaise and other products), have committed to transition to 100% cage-free eggs.
  • Carvel Gets Redesign
    Carvel Ice Cream has debuted a new "classic cool" look including a new menu, new graphics, cake designs, and retro uniforms for staff. Carvel has also changed its logo to give a retrospective look. New flavors include caramel, cotton candy, peanut butter, and cake mix. On April 26, the chain is giving a free soft serve junior cone to consumers, via a Facebook promo.
  • Scion Drops The Box
    Scion, Toyota's "experimental" auto brand debuted the boxy xB nearly a decade ago, and the vehicle created a lot of imitators. But a second-generation update left buyers cold, sending sales plunging - and now, it appears, Scion is about to say "bye-bye" to the box.
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