• Samsung Goes After Big Players With Music Hub
    Samsung's Music Hub has only delivered tunes to seven countries on few devices. But Senior VP of Media Services TJ Kang said he sees bigger share for the service, and wants to widen access to rivals' gear as well. Music Hub is coming to more countries in 2013, as long as licensing deals work out, and further device support (including the non-mobile variety) will depend on flagship hardware releases scattered throughout the year.
  • Subaru Back With Puppy Bowl
    Four years ago Subaru launched a marketing campaign with the tag, "Dog tested. Dog approved." It coincided with the car company's signing on as a sponsor of the quasi anti-Super Bowl "Puppy Bowl," which Discovery Communication's Animal Planet started in 2005. This year, Subaru has unveiled a series of teaser spots, many starring "Grant Weber, Canine Sales Associate," whose cliental is exclusively canine. The four full commercials will break during Puppy Bowl IX on Feb. 3. Other Puppy Bowl sponsors include Geico, Pedigree, Despicable Me 2 (Universal), Bissell and Hershey's Icebreakers Mints.
  • 2013 Big Year For Big Data
    IBM thinks Big Data is growing at a rate of 60% a year, and that organizations good at data are likely to enjoy 1.6 times more revenue and two times more profit growth than head-in-the-sand rivals. But two-thirds of UK and US consumers think the idea of tailored offerings driven by data analysis feels a lot like Big Brother is watching them, a JWT survey finds. They aren't thrilled by the idea that they are being studied. Federated Media Publishing says Big Data will within the next five years, let brands complete, 360-degree views of their customers.
  • P&G's Tide Ready For Super Bowl Close-up
    Procter & Gamble will run a 30-second ad for Tide during the upcoming Super Bowl, the first in five years for the top-selling laundry detergent. Company officials are keeping details of the Super Bowl spot under wraps, but describe it as an "equity" ad meant to promote the Tide brand generally as opposed to a specific product. Running in the third quarter, the ad will feature both the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers as they face off in professional football's championship game on Feb. 3.
  • Dodge Dissed By Dart
    The Dodge Dart's sales haven't met expectations since last July's launch. What started with strong momentum has sputtered badly in recent months and Chrysler officials, all the way up to CEO Sergio Marchionne are desperately searching for a way to kick-start demand for the much-ballyhooed Dodge Dart sedan. In response, Dodge is adding another engine option along with a planned 9-speed automatic transmission. On the positive side, sales climbed to their highest level since the Dart was launched, 6,105 in December.
  • Behind The Making Of VW's Super Bowl Spot
    This isn't just any commercial. It's Volkswagen of America's one-minute Super Bowl spot. Usually secretive VW let USA Today behind the scenes to observe the filming of this spot three weeks before the Feb. 3 big game. The pressure is hotter than the unforgiving spotlights. VW won't say what it's spending. But with the price of commercial airtime on the CBS game broadcast and the cost of producing and promoting the spot and its social-media teaser, Volkswagen could spend close to $10 million - far more than any other single marketing expense on tap for the German carmaker in 2013.
  • Wheat Thins: Don't Call Us Crackers; We're Snacks
    Rather than as a platform for cheese or dips, Wheat Thins are marketed as an unaccompanied snack. The word crackers, once printed on the front of the box, has been replaced with the word snacks, and even the nutrition panel has banished the word, where a serving size in the original flavor is "15 pieces." Flavors more familiar to the snack aisle have been introduced, including spicy buffalo and zesty salsa in 2012.
  • Hollywood Buys Into Super Bowl
    But during the broadcast of Super Bowl XLVII on CBS, viewers will see wizards, giants, cavemen, iron men and super men. As per Super Bowl tradition, Hollywood will be out in full force with previews of high-profile flicks scheduled to hit screens between February and the summer blockbuster period. And also as per Super Bowl tradition, these previews will amp-up the intensity when it comes to action, adventure and sometimes outlandish story lines. This year, the likes of Bruce Willis, Brendan Fraser, Mila Kunis, Harrison Ford, Will Smith and Johnny Depp will be
  • Toyota To Debut Tundra In Chicago
    Toyota just hasn't been able to crack the huge full-size pickup segment. Like Japanese rival Nissan's Titan, the Toyota Tundra has simply failed to dent a segment still dominated by Detroit. But the industry giant is determined to gain some traction and will roll out its latest weapon when it reveals the new 2014 Toyota Tundra at the Chicago Auto Show next month. Beyond confirming the introduction, the maker is revealing nothing, no hints about styling, payload or performance and definitely no teaser images. In fact, there've been few of the normal spy shots making the rounds, underscoring Toyota's apparent ...
  • Cigarettes Lit Up In 2012
    According to Wells Fargo Securities' Tobacco Talk survey, fewer respondents indicated a competitive environment during the fourth quarter of 2012 vs. the third quarter. In addition, total cigarette industry volumes should be down about 3% during the fourth quarter. The survey said Marlboro volume and promotional trends were strong in the fourth quarter. Marlboro's year-over-year volume increased 1.2% in the fourth quarter.
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