• Wendy's Accuses United Dairy On Frosty Trademark
    The name and packaging of a convenience store chain's milkshake product has Wendy's suing. Wendy's reportedly alleges that its famous Frosty dessert has been infringed upon by United Dairy Farmers' "Frosties" and "Frosty Malts" -- chocolate and vanilla shakes available in its own conveniences stores, as well as in grocery stores since 2005. The lawsuit, filed in Columbus, Ohio, asks the court to stop UDF's sales of its products and to require the company to destroy its packaging.
  • Here Come Self-Driving Cars
    Mashable has tested the techno-cruisermobiles, and they are loaded. "The day we let the car automatically park itself while we sat behind the wheel - watching it being turned by what seemed like a ghost - was the moment we realized that self-driving cars can't be that far off," writes Charlie White, who also provides an extensive graphic about what's coming.
  • Best Cars For Teens
    Most of the 14 Best Cars for Teens ranked by CarInsurance.com are also likely to have enough of the cool factor to keep the kids happy. The insurance site focused on reasonably affordable used vehicles from the 2009 model-year - those available for under $15,000. These are vehicles still new enough to ensure above-average reliability. First on the list is Ford Taurus, Honda Accord, Ford Fusion, Scion xB and Subaru Legacy are the top five. The rest at the jump.
  • Loehmann's Avoids Filene's Fate
    Against these odds, Loehmann's, a 92-year-old discount chain that has filed for bankruptcy twice in a dozen years, has managed to avoid the fates of Filene's and Daffy's, which went out of business because of competition. The company is doing it by switching from a generic quick-sale place to a boutique-style discount chain.
  • Staples Tries Omni-Channel Stores
    Staples has launched an "omni-channel" retail concept, opening in Norwood, Mass., and Dover, Del. The new format incorporates Staples online and mobile assets into the retail experience. The stores feature kiosks that provide customers access to more than 100,000 items. Customers can pay for transactions either at the kiosk or register. There are also business lounges with mobile workstations.
  • Aston Martin Makes Its Marque
    In this Q&A, Aston Martin global marketing director Markus Kramer talks about the marketing challenges facing luxury brands and how his brand is celebrating its centenary. Among a lot of comments is his assertion that buyers of luxury autos are best reached the old-fashioned way: butts in seats, not, say, social media. "The single most effective way to market to the people who have the propensity to buy our products is experiential."
  • Why Mobile Ads Must Not Stand Alone
    Mobile advertising has been defined by companies like Adfonic and Jumptap, notes Jonathan Gardner, tech writer, commentator, and all around comms guy for True. The problem: this mobile-only marketplace is growing obsolete. "They and their compatriots have primed the mobile ad market, laying the foundation for a new mobile ecosystem and raising the visibility of mobile among marketers," he writes, adding that the specialists may thrive, but it's time for them to make some room for a more integrated approach to mobile advertising.
  • Energizer Moves To Licensing
    Energizer Holdings is seeking to grow revenue through new licensing deals, exploiting brand awareness. This week, Town and Country-based Energizer's personal care division tapped New York-based licensing agency Brandgenuity to explore licensing opportunities for its Hawaiian Tropic and Banana Boat sunscreen and Playtex infant care brands. Its Playtex products includes the Binky pacifier, and its Hawaiian Tropic and Banana Boat are among the best-selling sunscreens worldwide.
  • Starbucks Hiking Prices
    Starbucks will raise prices this week by about 1%. The company says the price hike will be on average about 1%, but won't affect each and every drink. Medium and large brewed coffees and Frappuccinos will likely not change in most of the 11,000 U.S. locations, a spokeswoman said. "Less than a third of beverages will see a small increase in most stores," she said, adding that the increases will range across different drinks in various areas.
  • Harley-Davidson's Average Buyer Not A Boomer
    A top Harley-Davidson executive told Reuters that in 2012, for the first time in years, the average buyer of the company's bikes was not a baby boomer. Meaning the 110-year-old company is gaining traction with a new generation of riders. Yet its top global marketing exec, Mark-Hans Richer, continues to insist it's no biggie -- even though investors have long wondered how Harley would survive as boomers, who embraced its bikes as totems of rebellion in the 1960s and 1970s and drove its growth in the ensuing decades, rode off into the sunset.
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