• Apple Watch Delay Affects Auto Apps
    The delay in the delivery of the Apple Watch may put a crimp in the style of more than just Apple devotees. BMW and Porsche owners could be impacted as well. The two automakers developed Internet apps for the Apple Watch. The apps allow owners of the German brands to do everything from check the battery life on their i8 to flash the lights and honk the horn to help Cayenne owners find their SUVs in a crowded parking lot.
  • After Lying On Job Placement, Corinthian Evaporates, Leaving Students Beached
    For-profit college provider Corinthian Colleges said Sunday it had ceased nearly all operations and had stopped instruction at its remaining 28 physical campuses. Heald College system, including 10 locations in California, one in Oregon, and one in Hawaii, as well as other campuses under the Everest or WyoTech names in California, Arizona and New York are all gone. The Santa Ana, Calif.-based company said it is working to provide continuing educational opportunities for its 16,000 students. The DOE had found hundreds of cases of misrepresentation of job placement rates to current and prospective students.
  • Chili's To Unveil Loyalty Program This Quarter
    Chili's plans this quarter to expand technology to a loyalty program, wait lists and the redemption of American Express credit card reward points for meals, the CEO of parent Brinker International Inc. said Tuesday. Chili's was the first casual-dining brand to roll out tabletop tablets. Said Wyman Roberts, Dallas-based Brinker's president and CEO, "We've laid the foundation to drive a personalized, new-school experience, unlike other casual-dining companies."
  • Sonic Taps Durant For New Brand Ads
    Sonic Drive-In is using Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant, whom the quick service chain signed last year, in a new ad campaign. The reigning NBA MVP appears a series of ads by Goodby Silverstein & Partners that put a new twist on the brand's "Two Guys" ads. Starting today and continuing through August, 15- and 30-second spots will run on TV, online and on social media.
  • Augmented Reality Slow To Get Going In India
    Wowsome, which started a year ago, and counts L'oreal Paris India, Omega Watches, Aston Martin, Jaguar and Budweiser among its clients in India, uses real time, interactive content for mobile devices, per founders Vishal Reddy and Karan Bhangay. But they say not an easy sell. "Augmented Reality is very complicated to explain and the best way is to show clients what it actually does...It is a brand engagement medium, which offers very targeted and customized advertising.
  • Australia's Online Ads Less Fraudulent But Lower Quality
    The Integral Ad Science Q1 2015 Media Quality Report evaluated online ads and ranked them according a proprietary measure of advertising quality that incorporates measurements of ad fraud, viewability, brand safety, ad clutter, and professionalism. Australia's overall score was lower than Germany, the U.K., and France. Brand risk - the risk that a brand will be damaged through the posting of inappropriate advertisements - was higher in Australia, at 17.7% of advertisements, than in Germany (17.4%), the U.K. (11.1%), and France (10.6%).
  • Smashburger Eyes U.K., Readies Ads In U.S.
    Smashburger is looking to move into the U.K. while also readying its biggest ad effort in the U.S. For the U.K., the company has hired Tim Lowther, who has worked with Shake Shack and Five Guys across the pond. He will be managing director. Smashburger is also scouting locations there toward a target of 35 locations. In the U.S., where it has over 400 stores, the company hired Minneapolis-based Mono as AOR and is prepping a print, radio, out-of-home and "experiential" advertising campaign.
  • VW Board Tells Piech To Go After Learning Of Plot
    Ferdinand Piech resigned as chairman of Volkswagen over the weekend. The cause: reneging on a deal to support CEO Martin Winterkorn, and secretly plotting to oust him instead, according to sources close to the VW board. When the company's works council, and Lower Saxony - the company's top shareholder - heard that Piech had been lobbying family members behind the scenes to install Matthias Mueller, the CEO of Porsche, as the head of VW, they demanded a meeting of the board.
  • Estee Lauder Taps Eva Mendes For Fall Campaign
    Estee Lauder has hired Eva Mendes as its new brand representative for its fall 2015 advertising campaign. Mendes will serve as the face of the brand's New Dimension skincare collection. The company had used celebrity Kendall Jenner as brand ambassadorship. The advertising campaign will begin this fall and will appear digitally, on television and in print advertising.
  • Disney Blocks Verizon Custom TV Ads
    Walt Disney Co. TV and radio stations rejected ads for Verizon Communications Inc.'s Custom TV because of a dispute over whether the TV service violates contract agreements with major media companies. Disney's WABC-TV and ESPN Radio in New York have refused to run the ads, according to Jim Gerace, a spokesman for Verizon. The company received an e-mail from WABC Wednesday saying it wouldn't run the Custom TV ads.
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