Search & Performance Marketing Daily Editions for September 2022
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, Sept. 16, 2022
Search Thriving: Least Likely To Be Cut From Ad Budgets
Human Error At Google Mistakenly Gave Bug Bounty Hunter Nearly $250,000
Dynamic Creative Optimization, AR Become Alternatives To Target Ads: Emodo Institute
More Holiday Shoppers Report Being Influenced By Streaming Ads
NFL's First Week TV Ads Up 8% To $250.4M, Online Search Recovers: EDO
'Dark Patterns' Trick Consumers Into Sharing Data, Making Purchases, FTC Report Says
Walled Gardens Versus The Open Internet
Why You're Failing If You Aren't Testing Cookieless Solutions Now
TV Alcohol Ad Impressions: Beer Brands Decline While Alternatives Gain Share
What An Ad-Supported Netflix Tier Will Mean For TV Marketers
Intelligent SMBs: AI Is Now Being Used More For Marketing
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, Sept. 15, 2022
Amazon Jumps Into Analytics And Data For Sellers
Google Gives Publishers More Ways To Manage First-Party Data
Consumers Ready To Spend -- Well, Maybe
Indeed Partners With Insider To Create Interactive Hub For SMBs
Google Rebrands Ad Extensions To Assets
The Most Effective Ads Of The Summer
Publishers Turn To Apple's SKAdNetwork: Study
Amazon's Helping Hand: New Program Lets Merchants Send More Targeted Emails
Tech Companies Urge Appeals Court To Hear Battle Over Gaming Apps
Mindshare, GroupM Top New Biz Charts For The First Half Of 2022
FTC Wants Platforms To Crack Down On Fake Reviews
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Sept. 14, 2022
Zoom Brand Campaign Readies Company For Next Steps
Walmart Delivers Self-Service Sponsored Search Ads For Marketplace Sellers
EV Charging Station Data Hits Search, Maps Through Uberall, Eco-Movement Partnership
$4B Google Android Antitrust Fine Largely Upheld By EU Court
Texas-Led Coalition Can Proceed With Some Antitrust Claims Against Google
Google Faces U.K., EU Class Action Suits Over Claims It Deprived Publishers Of Ad Revenue
Majority Of Consumers Unhappy With Digital Shopping
Analysis Finds 'Issues' Ads Approaching Two-Thirds Of Political Ad Spending
Pandemic Shifted Shopping Habits For 73% Of Millennials, Study Finds
Where Retail Media Went Wrong And How Newer Entrants Can Avoid the Same Pitfalls
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2022
Old El Paso, Mindshare, Captify Partner On Optimizing Creatives
IAB Estimates 80% Of Data Will Be Ignored Based On 2023 Legislation
Pinterest Tackles Self-Doubt And Internet-Induced Anxiety In Ad Campaign
Google-Kantar Study Defines 'Budget Agile,' Finds Strategy Improves Campaign Performance
OneSignal Now Offered Through Google Cloud Marketplace
Embracing BIMI: Apple Rolls Out Standard In Its iOS16 Release
Google Nears Settlement Of Class-Action Over Location Privacy
Supreme Court Urged To Take Up Battle Over Google Lyric Scraping
Is That A Store In Your Pocket, Or Are You Just Glad To See What You Want To Buy?
Sports, Leisure Consumer Investment Paradox: Value Supersedes Cost
GroupM: Out-of-Home Ad Spending To Top 2019 This Year
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Monday, Sept. 12, 2022
Decentralized Search Engine Presearch Launches $1M Advertising Grant Program
IT Teams Should Have More Accountability For Marketing ROI, Study Says
How Apple's 'Passkey' Changes The Future Of Mobile Advertising
Ecommerce Brands' Q2 TikTok Ad Spend Up 60% QoQ
Roblox Developing New, 'Immersive' Ad Formats
Last Cognition Attribution
Comscore Strikes 'Advanced Audiences' Deal With Fox TV Stations
EV Shoppers Have High Standards For Website Performance
Dish Media Partners With SeaChange, Beachfront For Real-Time, Linear Programmatic Service
Camelot Strategic Marketing & Media Helps Small Businesses With Streaming Ads Via Roku
5 Steps To Grow Digital Commerce
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, Sept. 9, 2022
Queen Elizabeth II's Relationship With Media Technology
Google Exclusivity And DOJ's Battle Over Search
Gaming Engine Unity Selects Media.Monks As Global Media AOR
SMBs Are Spending More To Counter Cyber Attacks: Study
Crunch Time for Small Business Advertising: The Long Tail Needs Better Targeting
Bundle IDs Complicate Bidding For CTV Ad Inventory
God Save The Norm
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, Sept. 8, 2022
Commerce Media Finds Direct Link From Ads To Revenue
Microsoft Platform Allows Advertisers To Run Ads On Bing, Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
In-App Spending Habits: 24% Of Gen Z Would Pay One-Time Fee To Remove Ads
Addressable TV Ads Gain, But Measurement Concerns Remain
Why The FTC Should Pause On Any Commercial Surveillance And Data Security Rulemaking
We Need 'Act-Alike' Ad Targeting, Not Look-Alikes
Bank Failure: Consumers And Finserv Brands Disagree On Marketing Relevance
Klobuchar Shelves Bill Allowing Newspapers To Bargain With Platforms, Blames Censorship Amendment
Instagram Scales Back Shopping Features
WFA Report Addresses The Decline Of Marketing Creativity And What To Do About It
Google Experiencing Issue Affecting Ads Manager Data Transfer
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Sept. 7, 2022
Google Is Bracing For A Slowdown, CEO Says
How Misleading Content Impacts Brand Perception, Favorability And Trust: IAS Report
Intuit Mailchimp Markets Email Services Based On Precise Data Targeting
Amazon Now Consumers' Most-Preferred Ad Environment, While Instagram Is Marketers'
Learn, Pivot & Snack! A Hostess Exec's Recipe For Success
ANA Campaigns Against 'Purpose-Washing,' Releases Industry Guidelines To Prevent It
Mobile Data Brokers Under Fire Over Surveillance
Self-Regulatory Group Raises Concerns Over FTC's Privacy Initiative
DuckDuckGo's New Email Tool Prevents Tracking By Marketers
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Sept. 6, 2022
Apple Search Ads Gain On Facebook, TikTok
Marketers Now Can Import Pinterest Ads Into The Microsoft Audience Network
Yahoo Acquires The Factual, Adds Credibility Ratings To News Service
tvScientific's First Head Of Product Knows Secret Of Making CTV, Search Work
R3 Begins Benchmarking Brand Performance In Social, Influencer, Search, Ecommerce
Mobile App Installs: Netflix Leads Among SVODs, Tubi Among AVODs
It's Time to Reset Your Facebook Ad Strategy
Breathless Black Friday: Shoppers Wait For Discount Emails From Brands They Trust
TV, AVOD Ad-Spending Growth To Slow To 4.3% This Year
Healthcare/Pharma Digital Ad Growth Slows
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, Sept. 2, 2022
Reddit Acquires Spiketrap To Build Ad Business With Focus On Performance
Path To Purchase Shortens - Average Time Now 30 Minutes From First-Page View
T-Mobile Advertising Doubles Rideshare Business, Expects To Reach 400M Monthly Impressions In 2022
Samsung Mocks Apple's Lack Of Innovation In Latest Ad
Google Adds Filter Chips To Google Contacts Like The Ones In Gmail
Summer Rerun: Mass Personalization: Walgreens' Road to Customer-Level Marketing
MRI-Simmons Taps 605's Katz For Advanced Advertising
How Brands are Wasting Their Influencer Marketing Budgets
Ad World's Next New Acronym -- 'IIG' -- Sets Standard For Intrinsic Advertising
Olipop, Truff & Ouai Embrace OOH On Buildings, 'Wild Postings'
Volvo Partners With YouTube Creator
Media Experts Say Privacy Changes Will Affect Social Media Most
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