Video Daily Editions for January 2015
Video Daily - Friday, Jan. 30, 2015
Kids Mimic Their Parents; That's Why Nickelodeon Is Jumping Online
Consumers Prefer Digital Standalone TV, But Most Wouldn't Cord Cut
A Fool, A Fool! I Met A Fool In The Forest!
No Surprises: Super Bowl Ads Revealed On YouTube, Social Media
An Open Letter To The Most Important Viewers Of The Big Game
Reebok's Freak Show Is A Love Letter To Grit
Nomorobo Is A Defiant Fly In the Telemarketing Ointment
Mondelez Buys First Programmatic Super Bowl Ad
Avoiding The Super Bowl Stunt Factor
PepsiCo's Winning Retail Game Plan Allows For Few Time-Outs
Nickelodeon To Offer Digital Video Service
Warner Bros., Sony Launching Streaming Service in SE Asia
Sounds Logical, But Targeting Political Ads Isn't So Easy
UltraViolet Video Ad Slams NFL Over Domestic Violence
Tech Startup Imgur Trying To Give GIFs A Face-Lift
Video Daily - Thursday, Jan. 29, 2015
A Top Super Bowl Ad We All Hated
ANA Projects 'Substantial' Surge In Native, Finds Ethics And Disclosure Remain Big Issues
50% of Online Sales Heading to Mobile
Hill Holliday Crafts Soulful Sock-Puppet
Avoiding The Super Bowl Stunt Factor
TWC Records Lower Revs, Subscribers
Product Videos Boost Ecommerce Spend
PSAs That Pack A Punch: Domestic Violence's Star Turn
Inaccurate Data Flooding An Industry Still Looking For Answers Through Attribution
How Media Is Trying To Get New In A Hurry
No On Time Guarantee: Comcast/TWC Extend Merger Deadline
Imgur Introduces Tool Making Animated GIFs From Videos Easier
Hopper, Backwards: Dish Service Allows Replay To Skip Super Bowl, Only Show Ads
Hulu: Viewability Focus Led To More Ad Spend
300 Hours Of Video Per Minute, Terrorist Propaganda Flooding YouTube
Video Daily - Wednesday, Jan. 28, 2015
Can Grace Helbig Figure Out TV?
Dow Jones Wins Video Privacy Battle Over Roku App
Netflix Declares War On Linear TV With A Show Aired Every Tuesday? Confused?
AT&T To Debut 'Snapperhero' Series On Snapchat
TV News Like Social Media News: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
Coca-Cola Launches Online Videos Prior To Super Bowl -- First Stars Danica Patrick
Owned, Earned And Native Have Arrived -- Have You?
PubMatic, Bidtellect Team For Native Programmatic
The Super Bowl Will Be Measure Of Facebook's Video Success
Kardashian Spoofs Self In Mock PSA
GoDaddy Pulls Its Super Bowl Ad, Maybe Because It's Horrible
Netflix Big Data Really May Just Be Ted Sarandos
When Will Apple TV Really Get In The Game
Netmums Founder Launches Channel Mum On YouTube
Hulu: Viewability Focus Led To More Ad Spend
How Facebook Is Trying To Unlock The Money In Online Video
Video Daily - Tuesday, Jan. 27, 2015
Snapchat's 'Discover' Gives Publishers A Video Showcase
Twitter Delivers Group Messaging, Rolls Out New Mobile Video Camera
Snowpocalypse 2015 Causes Social Media Blackout
CEOs Not Seeing Big Picture On 'Big Data'
Forecast: Global Ad Spend Slows, Highest In Emerging Markets
Facebook Said To Block "Offensive" Content In Turkey
McDonald's Super Bowl Ad Sneak Peek Promises 'New Form of Payment'
Why More Connectivity Is Not Just More, But Different
Digital Engagement Index
When Do We Need To Revise The 'Up' Part Of The Word Upfront?
Conde Nast Launches 23 Stories For In-House Native Ads
Broadband Providers Say Consumers Don't Need Speeds Of 25 Mbps
Coke Airing Super Bowl Ad Teasers on TV; Also Offering Supporting Videos Online
Video Daily - Monday, Jan. 26, 2015
Yes, We Watch Online, But Overwhelmingly We Watch TV Fare
AOL Debuts A Mini-Newscast, And A Comedy, 'That's Racist'
AOL Ready To Drop Axe On Sales Staff
Top 7 Things Nobody Will Miss When The Internet Disappears
Hot Spot: In Old Spice Nightmare, Crews Marries Self
YouTube Forcing Artists Into "Music Key" Service
Would You Want To Be A Media Agency CEO In 2015?
Digital Engagement Index
Amazon Takes One-Quarter of Holiday Sales Of Video Games, Videos In UK
Forbes Top 100 Most Promising Companies Includes Several From Ad Tech
Average Super Bowl Spending To Be $77.88
NFL, YouTube Partner Up
Reaching The Boomer Through The Experience You Create
Ad-Supported TV Tops Online Video
Sneak Peek At Netflix's New Comedy From Tina Fey
British Director In Final 10 To Win $1m Super Bowl Doritos Prize
Video Daily - Friday, Jan. 23, 2015
New Content Push From Snapchat, Tumblr Show A Growth Dynamic
Facebook Makes Big Pitch For Super Bowl Ad Dollars
Fullscreen's New Film Unit Wants To Take YouTube Stars To Big Screen
Skittles Releases Second Teaser for Super Bowl
Hulu Makes Series Deal With RocketJump
Hot Spot: Now You See Her, Now You Don't?
Vice News Goes All Virtual Reality
Programmatic Video Coupled With TV Drives Best Results For Campaign
Nine Memorable Takeaways From Obama's Live YouTube Interview
Google, Viacom Prevail In Video Privacy Battle
I'm Not Hyped For Pepsi's Super Bowl Halftime Show
Linear TV Boosted By Online Viewing
Adopting This One Habit Will Change Your Life
Video Daily - Thursday, Jan. 22, 2015
Amazon's 'Transparent' Success And Its Other Transparent Failures
Snickers Teases Super Bowl Ad; Challenges Fans To Trigger Pre-Game Full-Ad Release
Why Is It So Quiet? It's Almost the Super Bowl!
Newcastle 'Milks' Pre-Game Buzz
Searching For Commercial Skipping: Look Fast, It's Disappearing
Hot Spot: The Angels' Not-So-Secret Super Bowl Play
comScore's Inventory Packages Blend Programmatic, Direct
Facebook Video Viewing Nearly Doubles
Digital Engagement Index
Some Super Bowl Advertisers Showing Ads
Google Reportedly Will Become Virtual Mobile Network Operator
Video Daily - Wednesday, Jan. 21, 2015
Vessel, With An Exclusive Video Window, Starts Now
Digital Up, TV Dips In Q4 Media Spend
Netflix Adds 4.3M Subscribers, Heading For 60M Worldwide
Millennials Are Brand Loyal, But Product Quality Is Key
Netflix Has Huge Expansion Plans, But China Will Be A Tough One
Google Football-Related Searches Spike Leading Up To Super Bowl
Reconsidering The Pros and Cons Of Debuting Super Bowl Ad Online
In Costa Rica, American Workers Are Endangered Species
Shazam Raises $30M At $1B Valuation
'Five Minutes' Game Combines Zombie Apocalypse With Product Placement
When Should You Start Worrying About Netflix -- And When Should You Stop?
4 Things CPG Marketers Should Put In This Year's Strategic Plan
Product Is The New Media, So Turn Your Product On
Video Daily - Tuesday, Jan. 20, 2015
Obama Online: Much Ado About Nothing?
BrightRoll Streamlines Analytics Reporting
NBC Offers Free Super Bowl-Themed TV Everywhere Trial
Buzzr TV Joins TV Diginet Race
Marriott Offers GoPro Cameras For Guests
Hot Spot: H&M Teases With Beckham
AOL Planning To Shutter Some Sites, One Of Its Units Discloses
IAB Study: Programmatic Tech, Data Remain Daunting Challenge Marketers Will Overcome
Marriott Tests Providing Netflix, Hulu, Pandora Access To Guests
BBC3 Is Not For Sale, But Will Move Online And Off TV
comScore Launches Video Metric Platform
Where Viewability Is Today -- And Why It's Critical For Digital's Tomorrow
Amazon Intensifies Streaming Wars As It Proves Content Is King All Along
That Sweet Smell? It's Boomer Nostalgia
Video Daily - Monday, Jan. 19, 2015
Amazon Studios Goes Into The Theatrical Film Biz
Hot Spot: NBA Livin' 'The Dream'
Do Streaming Video Services Threaten The Video Ad Market?
Video On Product Page Increases Order Value At Least 50%
NBC To Release Daily Digital Video Estimates Of TV Shows
Carmax Launches $60 Million Media Agency Review
TV Chiefs Hunt For 'Next Big Thing'
British Airways Calls Global Digital Review
Can P&G Help Me Love My Shirts?
Turn Stops Using 'Zombie Cookies' For Ad Targeting
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