• Pinterest Bubble Bursting?
    So maybe photo sharing isn't a revenue model. After its growth slowed in March, photo-sharing/collecting site Pinterest is losing users in April. Most Pinterest users sign up to the site using their Facebook accounts, and AppData, which monitors how often users of third-party apps and Web sites interact with Facebook, says the number of Facebook-connected Pinterest users has declined precipitously the past 50 days. Monthly active users are down from 11.3 million on March 1 to 11.15 million on April 1 to just 8.3 million today.
  • Brutal Time For Safeway
    The Street is battering Safeway. The company's stock fell last month after a Credit Suisse analyst said its pension accounts were underfunded to the tune of $7 billion. Safeway disputed the figure and said the situation was "a manageable issue, being handled well by all parties involved."
  • Grolsch Film Works Bows First Effort
    Grolsch Film Works, the project the Dutch beer brand launched last year, will premiere its experimental feature film, "The Fourth Dimension," at the San Francisco International Film Festival this weekend. The movie, starring Val Kilmer, is the first production from the Film Works - which launched in April 2011 to champion global film talent - and is the result of a collaborative effort for three directors: Harmony Korine from the US, Russia's Alexsei Fedorchenko and Polish-born Jan Kwiecinski.
  • Camry Crash Video ... Sponsored By Toyota
    What's worse, the car crash or the media crash? A YouTube video that shows an elderly Florida woman crashing her 2004 Toyota Camry through a Publix supermarket, injuring 10 people, ended up inadvertently sponsored by Toyota. One sees the Camry as it shatters the glass door and plows into a baby carriage and shoppers, and then an advertisement: "The following presentation is brought to you by: Toyota moving forward." Then comes a pitch for Toyota's new Prius c hybrid car. The Florida Highway Patrol released the video and it has been posted by many news websites. It just happened that ...
  • Food Researcher Questions 'N.Y. Times'
    A food researcher has taken issue with an article in The New York Times this week that quoted two new studies undercutting the connection between food deserts - neighborhoods lacking access to fresh foods - and obesity.
  • Posh Spice Pitches Land Rover Evoque
    Victoria Beckham, who has won the 2011 British Fashion Awards Designer Brand of the Year award, has been snagged by Land Rover for her status as design and fashion leader. She will back the new Range Rover Evoque Special Edition. Beckham reportedly worked closely with Land Rover design chief Gerry McGovern to create the limited-edition Evoque model, of which only 200 will be built worldwide, and a mere five destined for the U.S.
  • Australia Marketing Goes Full Monty
    Branded entertainment has arrived in Botany Bay. Australia's largest marketing group has set up a division to make TV shows for its advertising clients. STW Group, now making branded entertainment a core enterprise, has 70 companies and up to 1,000 clients, including Nestle, Westfield, Vodafone and St. George Bank. Under current regulations in the land of emus, kookaburras and Murdochs, a TV station does not have to disclose if an advertiser has funded a program.
  • Dogs, Bugs, And Bad Buzz
    Here's an interesting review of how social media in two cases can completely screw up your brand. The first case is Starbucks and the whole bug-based red dye issue. But the other is how Heineken had to go out of its way to explain that it hadn't sponsored dog fights in a Mongolian nightclub. Unfortunately, the brand's banners were next to the dirt patch where the dogs were filmed fighting before a crowd. They had been hung there for some other event at the club. Obviously, Heineken is not going to be sponsoring dog fights any time soon. But outraged ...
  • 100 Days To London, Marketers Eye Gold
    The U.S. Olympic Committee held a party in New York's Times Square, and invited fans, athletes, Olympic legends and official partners, many of whom unveiled campaigns intended to raise support and awareness for Team USA, led by the USOC's "Raise the Flag."
  • Starbucks Ditches The Bugs
    Vegan consumers have protested Starbucks' use of cochineal, the red substance from the Dactylopius coccus bug for food and drink coloring. Starbucks President Cliff Burrows announced the company would color the coffee chain's goods with a popular, non-controversial vegetable extract instead.
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