• Nike Signs Jessie J To Reach Women In Europe
    Pop star Jessie J is wearing Nike to pitch "Just Do It" to women in Europe. The 25th anniversary campaign is led by the brand's "Endless Possibilities" ad featuring several women overcoming 'testing' circumstances including running from wolves, swimming to the bottom of the ocean and competing on the Olympic stage for gymnastics. The Jessie J video supports Nike+ European challenge which invites members and their friends to compete a marathon throughout September.
  • Chipotle Debuts Bacon-Free Pinto Beans
    Chipotle's new pinto beans are sans lard. After a shutterbug snapped a shot of a package saying its new pinto bean recipe doesn't use bacon, even though the overhead sign said beans contain bacon, the company confirmed the change: "We are phasing in a new bacon-less pinto bean recipe around the country. In testing some recipes, we simply didn't think the bacon added anything and, by removing it, we make the pinto beans vegetarian," a spokesman tells Consumerist.
  • Reebok Pumps Workout With Revolution
    Already making its mark in the workout/cross-fit/training realm, Reebok has declared that "a revolution is coming" and that there will be 'a bold new era in the studio fitness category' via a global alliance with Les Mills, which has its exercise footprint in more than 80 countries and 15,000 clubs, to include multi-media marketing and workout shoes and gear.
  • Heineken Preps Holiday Campaign
    Heineken is getting ready for the holidays a tad early, but not too early. The effort, "Celebrate Together," features celebratory limited-edition bottle labels and promotional packaging on Heineken Lager 12-packs. They will be available in stores throughout November and December. Four different limited-edition bottles celebrate Heineken milestones, including designs that represent the brand's beginnings, its global presence and its ongoing commitment to innovation.
  • Kia Heading Up...Again
    Kia is driving up hill, but can it get to the top? Executives of the South Korean brand hope so. The company has plans to introduce a full-sized, rear-wheel-drive luxury sedan called the K900 next year in the U.S., per dealers who were at the yearly dealer confab in Vegas. Yes, the $50,000 to $70,000 car is a Kia, the most expensive nameplate for the brand Kia has ever sold on these shores.
  • World's Largest KFC Opens In Ukraine
    The world's largest KFC drive-thru restaurant has opened in Ukraine, at the National Railway Station's south terminal in Kiev. The location is 1,700 square meters, or slightly more than 5,575 square feet, and features a double drive-thru that can serve 200 cars per hour, seating for 280 people in the dining room, and a 400-seat patio.
  • Dodge Steals The Bank In GTA5
    The Dodge Charger has gotten a ton of free product placement in Grand Theft Auto 5. The car is inherent to the character Franklin for most of the game. Michael, Trevor and Franklin each have their own cars. But while the other characters lose their cars, the Charger stays in the game. Also there are Ford Mustang and Chevy Corvette, but they nor others in the game are directly link to a lead character.
  • It's Ba-a-ck. Saab Gets Another Life
    Swedish automaker Saab has seen that white light a few times in the past couple of years. But the automaker, pretty much written off, but the company is once again trying to rise from the ashes. It's Phoenix concept is a fitting name and long-term key. Parent National Electric Vehicle Vehicle Sweden, or NEVS, is focusing on building the old Saab 9-3 as it fires up the maker's flagship Trollhattan assembly plant for the first time since April of 2011.
  • Korean Soju Taking On America
    Soju is everywhere. Drinks International says Jinro Soju is the top selling spirit, in spite of only 5% of its sales being in the U.S. The saki-like spirit dominates in South Korea, and does well in Japan and China. But, with help from Korean star Psy ("Gangnam Style") the American operation wants to expand." To get beyond Korean Americans Jinro has partnered with the Los Angeles Dodgers and started selling soju at games. Psy is also featured on on billboards around L.A.
  • BodyArmor Adds Luck To The Sports Mixture
    Mike Repole, co-founder of the Glaceau VitaminWater line, and Lance Collins, who founded Fuse - both of which were acquired separately by Coke - are making noise with BodyArmor SuperDrink, not only expanding the high-nutrition product line but bringing in high-profile athletes as investors and marketing spokesmen, the newest being Indianapolis Colts sophomore quarterback Andrew Luck.
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