• Ford Cooks A Turkey In A Mustang
    To alleviate some of the holiday stress surrounding Thanksgiving, Vaughn Gittin Jr. shows off his new method of cooking a turkey. Sure, you could just slow roast your bird in an oven for a few hours, toss it into your grimy smoker or risk burning down your neighborhood by dumping it into a vat of hot oil, but none of those look like quite as much fun as Gittin Jr.'s new way of prepping your holiday meal.
  • Marketers Use Models With Down Syndrome
    In a new commercial for the Fisher-Price, Lili Boglarka Havasi claps and smiles as the cars zoom down the plastic raceway. It's a typical holiday toy ad except for one fact: Lili has Down syndrome. While many advertisers over the years have featured people with disabilities from time to time, models with Down syndrome recently have become more visible.
  • Barneys New York Holiday Windows Offer Good Tidings
    Barneys New York is partnering with celebrated artists to decorate its holiday windows for the #LovePeaceJoyProject-a crowdsourced invitation to share in seasonal festivities and support charitable causes. The artists include visual and performance artist Nick Cave and Trey Parker and Matt Stone of Comedy Central's "South Park."
  • Delta Blasted For Non-Response To Bullying Incident
    Delta Airlines is getting blasted across social media platforms for the crew's lack of response to an incident on a plane last week when a Trump supporter called two women "Hillary bitches" and bullied them before the flight took off. The airline has issued an apology and said the man should have been removed from the flight.
  • One-On-One With Power Couple Andy And Kate Spade
    The American duo first met while at university in Arizona in the early '80s and were working at the same clothing store when 21-year-old Andy's beat-up car wouldn't let him turn the key. Kate "from the Midwest" offered him a lift, the young students became best friends, and-not without a few hiccups along the way-life as a couple came to be.
  • Amazon Addresses Islamphobia In Christmas Ad
    Amazon chose to highlight a moment of friendship between a Christian and a Muslim in its Christmas advertisement this year. Amidst reports that Islamophobia is on the rise in the United Kingdom and the United States, the ad promotes the message that you don't need to follow the same religion to be a good friend to your neighbor.
  • Jose Cuervo Delays IPO Plans Because Of Election
    Tequila giant Jose Cuervo has reportedly postponed its initial public offering in Mexico amid uncertain market conditions owing to the outcome of the U.S. elections. The decision follows Donald Trump's surprise win in the presidential elections which is likely to result in possible changes in the North American Free Trade Agreement.
  • How Puma Is Changing The Sneaker Landscape
    Until a few years ago, athletes were the lone stars of footwear. But times have changed. Sure, any extraordinary basketball or football player will still get their own signature shoe, but the questions are less about which athlete gets the sponsorship, and more about which brand will tap them for it, and how awful the design will be.
  • Pharma Reps Need $750 Licenses In Chicago
    It's official: To promote drugs in Chicago, you'll need a $750 license-and some serious record-keeping skills. The Chicago City Council approved an ordinance that requires pharmaceutical sales reps to obtain special licenses before promoting their drugs within the city limits. Reps also must track their interactions with doctors and other healthcare professionals.
  • Former Disney Exec Says Truth Is Future Of Advertising
    In a post last year which ran on CMS Wire, Tom Stockham, CEO of Experticity said, "Across the board, marketers are overvaluing traditional advertising and not placing nearly enough emphasis on actual people who, it turns out, are what actually impact consumers most. Research that his company completed showed that 47% of consumers trusted brand ads.
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