• Walmart Welcomes Organic Feminine Hygiene Products
    Oi, or Organic Initiative, is coming to the masses. The feminine hygiene brand announced that its collection of 100% certified organic products now can be found on Walmart shelves. A wholly owned subsidiary of New Zealand’s Organic Initiative Limited, Oi’s main goal is to improve women’s health and sustainability across the world, per Drug Store News. The brand offers organic cotton tampons, pads and panty liners that are free from synthetics, chemical sprays, perfumes and dyes, and are biodegradable.
  • Bugatti Sells Most Expensive New Car: $12.5M
    The Bugatti "La Voiture Noire" sold for $12.5 million after debuting recently at the Geneva International Motor Show in Switzerland.  The buyer of the new "hyper sports car" has not been publicly revealed, but the car maker says it was sold to a "Bugatti enthusiast,” according to USA Today. Resembling the classic Batmobile, the two-door car has a carbon fiber body, a 16-cylinder engine and six tailpipes.
  • Ikea Israel Tweaks Furniture To Accommodate Disabilities
    Ikea’s sleek designs aren’t necessarily friendly to the needs of people with disabilities. Ikea Israel has teamed up with nonprofits that specialize in making the world more accessible, to develop a series of modifications to fix popular Ikea furniture pieces. ThisAbles are available online as free schematics, and can be 3D-printed and installed on Ikea mainstays like the Billy bookcase or Karlstad couch and 11 other designs.
  • GMO 'Frankenfish' Destined For Grocery Store Shelves
    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is now allowing genetically modified fish, whose DNA has been altered to speed up growth, and their eggs, into the U.S. “The announcement means that AquaBounty Technologies may import AquAdvantage Salmon eggs to its facility near Albany, Indiana, where the fish grow faster than traditional Atlantic salmon,” per USA Today. “AquAdvantage Salmon could hit store shelves by 2020, said the company. It declined to discuss what the cost will be.”
  • T-Mobile CEO Under Fire For Trump Hotel Stays
    Democratic lawmakers are criticizing T-Mobile Chief Executive John Legere over his decision to stay at President Trump’s hotel in Washington while his company seeks government approval for a $26-billion merger with Sprint. “T-Mobile spent nearly $200,000 at the Trump hotel in the months following the announcement of the deal, Legere acknowledged Tuesday at a hearing before a House Judiciary subcommittee,” per the Los Angeles Times. “But he defended the practice by pointing out that T-Mobile had spent roughly $1.7 million on hotel stays across the nation’s capital during that entire period.”
  • Tesla Might Be More 'Big Brother' Than Google, Amazon
    If you’ve got privacy concerns, you might want to think twice about buying a Tesla.  “Every mile, every block, every inch of pavement driven by a Tesla vehicle generates a trove of information that can reveal as much about you as about your car,” according to Axios. Data collected includes your car's personal settings, such as contacts you've synced from your phone, addresses you've plugged into the navigation system, and even your favorite radio stations. It knows your speed, your mileage, and where and when you charge the battery. "Teslas are constantly in record mode, using cameras and other sensors ...
  • Rite Aid Cuts 400 Jobs, Loses Top Execs
    Rite Aid is consolidating roles, resulting in the elimination of approximately 400 full-time positions, or more than 20% of the corporate positions located at the company’s headquarters and across the field organization, reports Chain Store Age. John Standley will step down as CEO at the drug store chain, staying on until the appointment of his successor. Bryan Everett, COO of Rite Aid Stores, has been promoted to COO of the company, succeeding Kermit Crawford, who is leaving.
  • Millennials Prefer Target To Victoria's Secret
    Angels aside, Victoria’s Secret could be on its way out.  Women, especially millennials, are much more likely to buy from Target than from Victoria’s Secret when they’re searching for intimates and sleepwear, according to research from CivicScience. While Victoria’s Secret is still the most dominant lingerie on the market, it has been on the decline, both in terms of its sales and in terms of enthusiasm for the brand, according to Fast Company. Its most recent annual fashion show received its lowest ratings ever.
  • U.S. Retail Sales Rebound In January
    Following a slump that was actually larger than initially reported, U.S. retail sales have rebounded in the U,S., with eight of 13 categories advancing, including building sales. The December report is revised to a 1.6% drop instead of the previously stated 1.2% decline. “The stronger-than-expected report should ease concern about consumer strength after a surprisingly weak December that was likely hurt by the government shutdown and seasonal factors,” reports Bloomberg. “Higher wage gains and a robust labor market have supported spending, the largest part of the economy.”
  • Ikea Launches Kama Sutra-Inspired Furniture Guide
    Ikea is offering "The Ikea Kåma Sutra: The Ultimate Guide to Bedroom Satisfaction,” an illustrated shoppable online catalog offering inspiration for bedroom furniture and décor. The catalog offers a lighthearted, tongue-in-cheek approach to helping consumers achieve "satisfaction in the bedroom" and showcasing real-life applications of its products, according to Marketing Dive. Featured positions include "The Lotus Flower" for people who want to connect with nature and "The Doggy Style" for those who sleep with their pets nearby.
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