• Facebook Wants To Take Us Out To The Ballgame
    Facebook is talking to Major League Baseball about putting games on its Live platform because sports is still a type of programming that people want to watch as it is happening. The Reuters story says baseball would be a draw for young viewers. 
  • AOL Survey Shows Streaming At Tipping Point
    A new AOL survey of viewing habits in "seven global regions" shows that 57% watch videos on a smartphone every day and 58% watch videos on laptops or desktops, indicating that mobile will soon be the top place for video. But the mobile viewers are more likely to be watching short video. Southeast Asia is the region with the highest concentration of mobile viewers--76%. 
  • You Can Now Buy Snap Spectacles Online
    Be the first one in your state! Snap's Spectacles, heretofore only sold out of special, random vending machines, are now available for $129.99. (Snap has acknowledged these things are not flying off the shelves, so to speak.) 
  • Presidents Day Bonus: Teenager's Fantasy Played Out On Stage
    A 16-year old in Australia who displayed a sign begging to play "Growin' Up" with Bruce Springsteen got his wish, and did a great job of it too--and got some lessons about posing with a guitar from the Boss. (Springsteen had a teenage fantasy of being called on stage to join the Rolling Stones. )
  • Um, Did Disney Ever Watch PewDiePie?
    Sam Gutelle for Tubefilter finds it kind of amazing that Disney could pretend to be surprised by the controversy over Felix Kjellberg's PewDiePie, who now is fighting charges of creating anti-Semitic episodes. "Given that Disney paid $675 million to acquire Maker, one would have to figure its execs were at least familiar with Kjellberg’s edgy exploits when they decided to pull the trigger on such a big deal. By cutting ties with the outspoken YouTuber, Disney has reminded me of one of the big fallacies that pops up all the time in online video discussions: Though Disney’s audience and PewDiePie’s ...
  • Streaming Startup 'Soundtrack Your Brand' Gets $22M
    Soundtrack Your Brand -- a Swedish startup that wants to bring music streaming to businesses -- just raised $22 million, Business Insider reports. The startup is the brainchild of Beats Music co-founder Ola Sars and former Spotify executive Andreas Liffgarden, it notes. “The cash will fund the company’s overseas expansion to the US, Asia-Pacific, and Europe and brings its total funding to $40 million.”
  • Did YouTube Turn PewDiePie Into Populist Reactionary?
    How did Felix Kjellberg, a.k.a., PewDiePie, go from Disney’s crown jewel to scandalized anti-Semite? For The New York Times, “It’s most useful to understand Kjellberg’s meltdown in the context of the vast platform on which it took place -- YouTube -- and the nascent strains of politics that could come to define it.” As The Times explains: “It’s a system Kjellberg has spent recent months antagonizing in a broader and less-inflammatory way, even as he continued to thrive within it.” Ultimately, “He became YouTube’s very own populist reactionary.”
  • PewDiePie Responds To Critics, Especially WSJ
    His latest video lashes out at The Wall Street Journal for exaggerating his Nazi references (or inventing them), and taking them out of context. PewDiePie (actually Felix Kjellberg) says mainstream media is afraid of the power of YouTube personalities, and has only concentrated on his income. 
  • Spotify Moving U.S. HQ, Adding Jobs
    Spotify is moving its U.S. headquarters in Manhattan, NBC New York reports. “The streaming service will move … from midtown to 4 World Trade Center in early 2018, and with the new digs comes a host of new jobs,” it writes. As a result, “Spotify will add 1,000 new jobs to its workforce by 2018. The company will retain the 800 employees working in New York.”
  • See You Again Soon, Embattled PewDiePie Tweets
    PewDiePie (actually Felix Kjellberg) promised he'd be back soon in a Twitter message. He also retweeted a parody by World of the Orange spoofing a Wall Street Journal story reporting the PewDiePie controversy about anti-Semitic remarks on the mega-popular YouTube star P
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