Marketing Daily Editions for May 2014
Marketing Daily - Friday, May 30, 2014
The Lights Turn On At Abercrombie
Boost Mobile Launches 'Spokesbattle'
Trader Joe's, Publix, Aldi America's Best Grocery Brands
Hidden Valley Offers Meal, Activity Ideas Via Mobile
Kia Looks Up, Hyundai 'Boosts' Up
'Integrated' Campaigns Fall Short
Chico's Ups Digital Investments, Keeps Marketing Flat
Walmart, T-Mobile Ready To Bank?
What We Buy On Amazon
Chicago Wedding Biz Booms On Same-Sex Marriage
Samsung Watch To Track Your Vital Signs
New Nail Polish Line Honors Mustang
You Must Remember This, Though You Won't
Till 'Unfollow' Do Us Part
Marketing Daily - Thursday, May 29, 2014
Apple Shells Out $3 Billion To Get Its Beat Back
NHL's Chicago Blackhawks Take Loyalty Cup
Rite Aid Re-Rocks Its Skin Tour
Vans Warped Tour Connects Fans, Bands With Brands
Consumers Accept Declining Privacy
Gluten-Free Perceived As Healthy For All
Marketing Daily - Wednesday, May 28, 2014
Michelle Obama Fights Cuts To School Lunch Standards
Fiat Brings Big Monster Ad To Gas Pumps
Honda, Toyota, BMW Tops For Diversity Market
Canon Tells Consumers To 'Bring It'
Target To Launch Altuzarra Line
Nestea Back On TV; Updates 'Plunge' Campaign
Hospital Promotes Reducing Cancer Risks
Twitter Study Looks At Brand Tweets
Luggage Brand Unpacks Theme And Ads
Could May Bring Best Retail Car Sales In Decade?
Pilgrim's Pride In Bid For Hillshire
It's Hip To Be Snipped In Campaign For Neutering
Episode 707: Waterloo: One Small Step For A (Mad) Man, One Soft Shoe (Or Sock) For Bert Cooper
Is Social Media Killing Your Brand?
Marketing Daily - Tuesday, May 27, 2014
Apple Ready To Set Up Home Automation, 'FT' Says
Annapolis Amplifies Impact Through Partnerships
Americans Ready For A Vacation
Philadelphia Serves Up 'Phillyosophy' For Campaign
Kitchens Make Vacations Better
User-Generated Campaigns Feed Mass. Love
Mark Peigh Discusses Branding In Asia
Used-Car Business Is Hot
How Brands Are Using Instagram
Craft Beers Toy With TV
Speaking Of Beer, How Do You Say G'Day In Hindi?
When Is An Ad An Ad? Only Time Will Tell
5 Successful Campaigns To Remember
Marketing Daily - Friday, May 23, 2014
Sears, HP Tumble Further; Home Sales Tick Up
Honey Maid's Gary Osifchin Talks Real Families
Paid TV, ISP Consumer Satisfaction Rates Dropping
Malibu Launches Summer Campaign, OneRepublic Tour
Biomotivation: What Your Package Says About You
Sapporo Launches First U.S. TV Campaign
Fiat Loses Money On 500e
WNBA Markets To LGBT
Gap Hoax Website Touts Retailer's Working Conditions
Google Above Apple In Brandz Survey
Spinoffs Continue As Sears Slips Off Another Ledge
What's Native? Let's Start With A New Name
Marketing Daily - Thursday, May 22, 2014
Unilever Keeps Selling Foods; Mizkan Keeps Buying
Fruit Vines Bites Launch Uses TV, Mobile Tour, Social
The BET Awards Kick Off Summer Of Ford
Sales Disappoint, But Target's Brand Bounces Back
Back By Popular Demand, Citi's New Banking App
New Belgium Plays Up Bike Connection
ANA To 'Acquire' Brand Activation Association
Mazda Sells Out 25th Anniversary Miata In 10 Minutes
'X-Men' Boosts India Brands
Brand Messaging Coming To Programmatic Buys
Krackel Is Back
Insight That Made Papa John's Household Name
QSRs And Healthy Eating
Marketing Daily - Wednesday, May 21, 2014
McDonald's Happy Has A Sad Debut
Anytime Fitness Social Contest Hits Evangelical Nerve
When Brand Fans Share, What's the Upside?
Coke Debuts First All-UGC TV Spot On 'American Idol'
Aflac Duck Joins With HGTV Star
Samsung Has No Trouble With The Curve
The Birdman Flies For Mini
Vodaphone Works To Save Dying Language
M-Commerce Up 23% In Q3
Yet More Recalls For GM
Facebook Expanding Video Ad Offerings
Blockbuster Launches 'Blockbuster Everywhere' API
Episode 706: The Strategy, Or Design For Living
Brands of A Certain Age
Marketing Daily - Tuesday, May 20, 2014
GM Brings Back Cervone To Head PR
Cricket Tries To Make Consumers Smile
For Brands, Apps Are A Big Bust
Budweiser Brings Back Patriotic Packaging
OMMA Native Asks 'What Is Native'?
Chipotle Bags, Cups Offer Essays By Authors, Comics
Will Native Drive The Next Advertising Renaissance?
Northwestern Mutual Stops To Smell The Rose Bowl
Best Ad Ever Made? Shut Up And Eat Your Broccoli
Air Canada Going Global
Amsterdam Airport Launches 'Destination Unknown'
McDonald's Expanding Healthier Choices For Kids
Looking For Hipsters, Burger King Tweaks Its Slogan
Stop the Madness: CPA Must Die
Marketing Daily - Monday, May 19, 2014
AT&T Deal For DirecTV Faces Questions
Memorial Day Travel to Hit 9-Year High
Nissan Rogue Comes In An Amazon Locker
Farmland Launches Bacon Club, Campaign
Cadillac Examines World History Of Wealth
Bridgestone Targets Women, Mothers, Safety-Conscious
Wireless Customers Stay Out Of Convenience
Mobile Devices Boosting In-Store Shopping
Namath Not Just Another Joe For Skechers Footwear
Is RTB Ripping Clients Off?
Samsung Rebranding Heathrow's Hub For Galaxy S5
FTC Tells Missouri, N.J. Not To Block Tesla DTC
Friendly's Says Banned Editor Is Welcome To Return
The Times, It Is A-Changin'
Let's Edit Your Search Profile
Marketing Daily - Friday, May 16, 2014
Kohl's Bringing Back Name Brands To Drive Sales
T-Mobile, Univision Team To Reach Hispanics
Sunny Days At JCPenney; Gloomier Skies at Walmart
Millennial Latinas Are Optimistic And Tweet About It
Sprite, LeBron James Launch 6 Mix Contest
Fort Lauderdale Brings Beach Party To D.C.
Frozen Food Brands Launching $90M, 3-Year Campaign
General Motors Recalls More Vehicles
7-Eleven Marks 40th Anniversary In Japan
China Loves Brand Britain
Guacamole Arrives At McDonald's
Kia Climbing The Luxury Hill With $66,000 Car
Forget The Fine Print, Just Tell Me I Won!
The Mall Traffic Myth
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