• Sports Endorsers: Can't Live With 'Em, Can't Live Without 'Em
    Given the situation throughout sports in which big names such as Alex Rodriguez and Lance Armstrong are constantly linked to drug accusations, marketers have been scrambling to find the right marriage of sports stars and products to present to the public.
  • First Learnings From The World Cup
    Every brand is unique, and sponsorship objectives differ from one to another. So what works for your competitor may not necessarily work for you. Your soccer sponsorship activities must fit within your own overall sponsorship strategy and have a clear role in meeting business objectives.
  • What Do We Charge Now?
    Find enough at a premium price point, and you may be able to weed out some of your most price-sensitive and least-profitable customers. The travel industry has practiced this type of "yield management" for years. Our industry is just now beginning to catch up. Again, sound research can help point the way.
  • The Rise Of 3D: How Sports Drives The New Economy
    For now, 3D is a novelty for early adopters. But, if the sports industry continues to partner with manufacturers to push 3D to the forefront of the consumer/fan experience, mainstream is just around the corner.