• Game Plan: Marketers Eye Hot Dates In 2010
    Companies know that, barring extreme implosions, major sports events are generally controversy-proof and are magnets not only for core fans but for casual and even fringe sports consumers. 2010 is loaded with such gold events as the Super Bowl, the Winter Olympics and the World Cup.
  • Go Quality Or Go Home!
    Defining the right characteristics, doing your research and watching where the quality users are coming from will eventually lead to great success and increase your value to potential sponsors and partners.
  • Leverage Fan Insights As An Asset
    Beyond the economic advantage, the progressive sports marketer that embraces such an approach reaps the added benefit of using research not just as a drunk uses a lamppost ... for support, but more appropriately for its intended use ... illumination.
  • Take Them Out To The Old Ballgame
    Encouraging families to attend live sporting events now will produce two positive outcomes for sports marketers. In the short term, it will provide merchandising opportunities afforded by souvenir vendors in stadiums and arenas. In the long term, it will create lifetime fans by instilling an emotional connection between kids and the live sports experience.