• Athletes Walk The Line Between Effective And Overexposed
    "Celebrities become overused when the thematic of all of their campaigns is similar and you feel like, 'Been there, seen that,'" said David Schwab, vp-managing director of First Call, the celebrity-marketing consultant division of Octagon, McLean, Va.
  • Harnessing The Power Of Sports For The Greater Good
    If just 1% of the $11 billion spent annually on sports sponsorship was channeled into sports cause marketing, that would be $110 million going to do some serious good in the world.
  • Is That Spokesperson A Kia Or A Mercedes?
    Making the right endorsement decisions has truly become a more complex confluence of art meeting science. And with the constant scrutiny and waning privacy that is a reality of our world today, it's a decision that requires brand investment both before and after the spokesperson is selected.
  • Anybody's Game: The Future of Super Bowl Advertising
    A continued devaluation of Super Bowl airtime plus the increased opportunity to broadcast make the old 1984 Apple ad seem more salient than ever. Websites, social media, and television are all on the same team now, but this is no Big Brother paradigm. The possibilities are wide open. The game is about to change.