NHL, NBC, Marketers All In For Outdoor Stadium Series
    In 2007, when the NHL was planning its first Winter Classic outdoor game, neither the league nor media partner NBC knew what to expect.
    The Transformation Of Marketing's 4th 'P'
    I still remember the first session of my introductory marketing class at Wharton, where the professor outlined the enduring marketing mix concept of "The Four P's." Product and price were intuitive and obvious...among the first things that one might surmise from an uninitiated consumer's perspective. Promotion also seemed obvious, as it was what a wet-behind-the-ears student got most excited about. I initially perceived promotion to be all about the glamour side of marketing, encompassing advertising, brand positioning and my former life in public relations.
    David Stern's NBA: Legendary Status
    The commissioner of any sports league is tasked with the incredibly difficult responsibility of taking a big-picture view of the entire sport and then deciding the best course of action moving forward. Bud Selig, Roger Goodell and Gary Bettman are all icons in their own right, but the legend that the NBA's David Stern has become is remarkable, from both a sport and business perspective. This February, Stern will step down as commissioner of the NBA, a league and game he has transformed since 1984. He had a singular, grand vision from the start, and focused on it every day …
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