• Has MMA Put Boxing Down For The Count?
    The passing of former heavyweight boxing champion Joe Frazier on Nov. 7 brought to light another passing: That of professional boxing itself.
  • Brand To Brand: How To React In Challenging Situations
    The past week has not been a stellar one for the wide world of sports. As the story has unfolded out of Penn State University, maybe we're witnessing the worst example of what "win at all costs" means in college athletics. Certainly, the horrific news surrounding the much-vaunted PSU football program has tainted what had been built up over many decades as one of the nation's top-tier college football brands.
  • Valuing A Sponsorship Was Never Supposed To Be Easy
    Conducting research for a variety of sports properties and brands that activate around them affords me the opportunity to look at sponsorships with a fresh and unique approach, every time a client or agency calls us in. Yet it confounds me that for such a large and potentially high profile endeavor as investing in a sponsorship or sports marketing program, few still go beyond a fairly standardized approach of assessing potential exposure levels, translating these into GRP or CPM equivalents and, voila...out comes an empirical valuation. I get and subscribe to the K.I.S.S. principle but, time-out, there's so much more ...
  • Sports: #StayOnYourToes
    It appears to my wife, kids and co-workers that I've recently been on tour, the "Digital Media Fall-a-Palooza Tour of 2011," featuring Tech Crunch, OMMA Global, SportsBusiness Journal and, most recently, iMedia Connection's Breakthrough Summit in Las Vegas. During the few days of talks and roundtables in Vegas, I had the opportunity to hear many amazing professionals in our field, but one speaker's message stood out to me (probably because it's the freshest in mind, no disrespect to the other speakers).