• Reforming The Uniform
    Can leagues, advertisers and fans all embrace sponsored uniforms?
  • How 'Bowling' Can Make Your Company A BMOC
    Given the breadth and width of college football, why would a company opt out of a high-profile bowl pact? In the case of Papa John's, it was a business decision to move its resources to pro football, where the company is in its rookie season as the official pizza sponsor of the NFL, a deal that also includes the next three Super Bowls.
  • The Business Side, According To Dad
    As for the logos on the players, well, I think she sees that happening already now and that it's not far off to see them on jerseys and helmets. Maybe, say, by the time she enters the NFL draft? Heck, anything that makes it cost her a little less to watch that Cal Bears game on her iPhone will be good by her.
  • Build Fan/Customer Loyalty With A '2C2R' Approach
    Regardless of the specifics of your own marketing efforts towards best customers, or the breadth of loyalty research that you conduct, remembering the principles of 2C2R and incorporating them into your program can be a valuable first step in differentiating your brand from competitors and breaking through the clutter of too many look-alike programs.
  • Look Before You Leap Into The Digital Landscape
    With broadcast media rights in sports at all-time highs, evolving technology and savvy brands have a lower barrier of entrance to utilize the world's greatest communication device -- sports. The time is ripe for brands to authentically engage in the exploding sports digital landscape.