• Seize The Advantage In This Brave New World
    This is the perfect time for sponsors and agencies to start forging improved business relationships. For their part, agencies and companies should adopt these six tips as standard operating procedure.
  • Gender Blindness Arrives In Sports Marketing
    You may not see it, but gender blindness is everywhere you look in sports marketing. Case in point: The NFL just signed a multi-year deal with Procter & Gamble, making more than a dozen of the CPG company's brands an "official locker room product of the NFL."
  • Don't Become An ROI Measurement 'Victim'
    As sports property holders and their agencies face louder and more incessant demands from sponsors/partners to demonstrate return on their marketing investment, it becomes all too easy to fall into the commoditization trap that has become so prevalent in ROI research today.
  • Game-Day Success: Sponsorships That Deliver
    As with any marketing tool though, proper insights, holistic planning and implementation rigor are required to maximize the results and ensure that a sponsorship is maximized and truly lives as part of the overall plan, not in a silo. Here are 10 guidelines.