• Advice for Reebok: Tell Us a Story
    I just spent an exhilarating day at the Northeast Regionals of the Reebok CrossFit Games. The Regionals are a step in the process of naming the "Fittest Man and Woman on Earth." They're also part of a smart marketing initiative by Reebok to position itself as a leader in "The Sport of Fitness"-a phrase it is now using as a tag line in its marketing. This new initiative seems an obvious return to Reebok's fitness roots-not to mention a good way to carve out a unique identity in the competitive world of sports shoes and apparel.
  • P&G Takes Lessons From NFL To London Olympics
    In 2010, Procter & Gamble signed two deals that arguably could be described as the most significant and as having the most marketing impact in the company's history, one to become a global Olympics partner with the International Olympic Committee, the other to become the "official locker room" marketing partner of the NFL.
  • For Brand Marketers, Content Is The Beef
    I spent much of the past week on one of my many pilgrimages to New York City - the media capital of the world. From the YouTube Brandcast event that highlighted the amazing effort Google is making to advance video content on the web, to the much more modest dinner roundtable event that my company hosted in the Village to discuss the dynamic between content context and audience targeting, I left the Big Apple more excited than ever to be a content publisher - that is, to be in the content-creation and audience-engagement business.
  • A&P Launches New Ad Campaign
    The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company is rolling out a new advertising campaign starring president and CEO Sam Martin, who walks through the stores explaining the improvements the chain is making as a result of its turnaround efforts. Themed "shopping just got a whole lot better," it marks the first time A&P will use one marketing effort for all its brands, including A&P, The Food Emporium, Pathmark, Superfresh and Waldbaum's. Digital components started last month; TV is launching now, with 30-second spots running in New York and Philadelphia, as well as on such stations as HGTV, E!, The Food ...
  • McDonald's' Blogger Practices Draw Press Scrutiny
    McDonald's' blogger perks are drawing increasing attention, at least from the press.
  • Macy's Introducing Nicole Richie Collection
    Macy's is planning a special apparel collection with Nicole Richie. The limited-edition line is scheduled to be available in 100 Macy's stores and at Macys.com in September. Macy's says the clothing takes its inspiration from 1970s bohemian style, with plenty of jewel tones, "a bold peacock kaleidoscope, feather and deco chevron, while matte satin, velvet and chiffon fabrications." Prices range from $49 to $149. Richie, who has been the face for both Bongo Jeans and Jimmy Choo ad campaigns, is one of three mentors in NBC's "Fashion Star."
  • More 'System 2' Thinking Is Needed
    I had lunch recently with a longtime friend and colleague who I've often considered to be one of the smartest people I know. Having been on a whirlwind of qualitative research work recently, with a particular emphasis on how consumers make purchase decisions in the sporting goods and event sectors of our business, I was captivated by his strong endorsement of the book Thinking Fast and Slow by Nobel Prize-winner Dr. Daniel Kahneman, a behavioral economist. Of course, I picked up the book and have been plowing through it on parts of many cross-country flights over the past few weeks. ...
  • The Social Olympics: The Effect On London 2012
    While the 2008 Games are only four years in our rearview mirror, it seems now like a whole generation ago, especially when it comes to the social media landscape. Look no further than the infographic Mashable recently published comparing social media numbers from 2008 to 2012. In 2008 Facebook was still in its "infancy" with 100 million users; Twitter hadn't exploded and was still driven by techies and angry music bloggers. Instagram was nonexistent, not even close to being a company for which Facebook would write a $1 billion check. Social media has gone from techy subculture to mainstream event ...