On Broadway, The (Sports) Play Is Rarely The Thing
    This year, "Lombardi," a capsulated version of the life of Hall of Fame NFL coach Vince Lombardi, managed to do what few sports-themed plays have done: Have a successful run on Broadway. "Lombardi" ran from Oct. 21, 2010 though May 22, 2011, drawing praise, awards and a bevy celebs and athletes to its performances.
    Women Remain An Untapped Market
    What is missing is more focus on this impressionable young female audience by the male dominated NFL, MLB and NBA to turn these little girls into big time sports fans -- and at the same time figure out how to make today's women and moms into bigger fans as well. Ultimately, there's a whole new audience for the marketers and media outlets of these sports to reach with big time financial upside to be had. Here's how to go about it.
    Define Sports Marketing Success Before You Measure It
    If all you are after is impressions, without regard for their impact, then by all means, count eyeballs and be done with it. But as the vision of society that George Orwell depicted in 1984 is now here, albeit 27 years later than predicted, I'm convinced that most sports marketers need to go beyond that. When you do, you might actually be happy with what you learn.
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