• NFL Adds Interest By Subtracting Product
    Maybe the best thing the NFL could have done to get casual fans and people who don't watch football to talk about football was to take the game away from the millions of core fans who drive the sport.
  • Football Season 2011: Social Media Accentuates The Experience
    I don't want to be the guy jumping the gun here -- but with the end of the NFL lockout in sight (final terms of the deal may be in place by the time this post runs), it's definitely time to start shifting one's attention to football season.
  • Video (And Licensing Fees) Killed Our Most 'Creative' Sports Games
    Tomorrow, July 13, is what I used to refer to as "Sports Void Day." It remains the only day on the U.S. sports calendar where one of our major sports does not have a live event for us to enjoy (and I say this with all due respect to the Women's World Cup, WNBA and Tour de France).
  • Sports Portfolio Optimization A Hot Topic With Brands
    In today's evolving sports marketing landscape, agencies are having more frequent conversations with brands regarding the "optimization" of their sponsorship and event portfolios. The upswing in discussion makes sense, as brands have been in a downsize mode or a holding pattern in recent years, specifically in regards to new sponsorships and renewals.

    With the economy slowly improving, many brands that had been distancing themselves from investing in sponsorships are again looking, or are at least preparing to make sponsorship an integral part of their marketing mix. And while not all brands responded to negative public portrayals of sponsorship by ...