• NBC's Olympic Coverage: A Peak Into The Future
    After a few days of action, we are getting a glimpse into the future of sports TV with NBC's somewhat brave real-time "experiment." NBC's challenge was to strike a balance between the way people consume information in 2012 with the need to make back their more than $1billion investment in the games.
  • Tiger Woods Flies Emirates Airline But Can't Land An Endorsement Deal
    Emirates Airline is a major player in the global carrier industry and a big player in sports sponsorship and marketing. So it is significant when Emirates says that it will sign deals with sports organizations such as FIFA and the U.S. Tennis Association but will not sign deals with individual athletes. And much of that strategy has to do with Tiger Woods.
  • Our First-Ever Fan Experience Index Ball Park Rankings
    Here we are at the All-Star Break. The pennant races are taking shape and with the other major team sports on hiatus, hopefully, American sports fans are thinking about taking in a ball game in the coming months. Faithful readers of this post know that I recently completed my bucket list item to visit all 30 current MLB ball parks, and with that achievement, I felt compelled to "grade them" on an admittedly subjective basis of my overall experience. But being the data-oriented sports marketing researcher that I am, it wasn't enough to simply let my own opinions address the ...
  • America's Pastime
    In honor of the July 4th holiday, I thought about the relationship sports have had with America since its beginning and how important sports remains in our culture today. How do we like to pass the time in our daily lives? We watch, read, talk and play sports. This is at the core of where marketers and media outlets will want to find you. It's been this way for a long time.