How The NHL, NBC Worked To 'Carpe' New Year's 'Diem'
    Aside from being a time to shake off the crusties from New Year's Eve, New Year's Day traditionally has been a time devoted to college football. But in 2008, just a few ice chips removed from its 2004-05 shutdown, the NHL took a slap shot at an attempt to attract not just loyalists but fringe and even non-hockey fans and marketers.
    My End-Of-Year List: Three Words To Live By
    At age 10, I was on a baseball team that was behind by 17 runs in the last inning. Yes, we won. But more importantly, I was the only guy in the dugout who was trying to fire up my teammates. Sometimes, when I get pessimistic about something, I think back on that game. My first thought, is, geez, I was an idealistic, and silly little kid ... this situation is different. Then I stop feeling sorry for myself, and do something. We all can.
    Vick Proves Yet Again That Sports Fans Have Memories Like Goldfish
    How many times over the past few years have we seen athletes implode on the world stage? Kobe Bryant and his chambermaid, Michael Phelps and his bong, Tiger and his harem, Michael Vick and his dogs and now Tony Parker and his own teammate's wife. Every time it happens, all you ever hear in the media is gloom and doom. Experts will say, "He's finished with sponsors," or "He'll never recover," etc. Well, consider the facts.
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